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Preparing for the 2020-2021 School Year


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for Band 

To prepare for Hybrid Learning (no date set yet), most band students will need specialized PPE to play their instruments in the band classroom.  This PPE will be in addition to adequate spacing and appropriate precautions. 

Here are some examples:

  • Overlapping Masks

  • Instrument Bags

  • Brass Soakers

HELP! We need the following to create this special equipment!

  • Sewing Help (Do you have a sewing machine and basic sewing skills?)

  • King-sized Pillowcases (Can you donate or purchase?)

  • Create Bias Tape (All you need is an iron!)

Please contact Janis, Program Coordinator, ASAP if you can help!


First Day of School: Thursday, August 13th

Mr. Jones has been planning and researching this summer how to bring you an enriching and inspiring musical year!

This year will look quite a bit different than previous years and we expect a lot of change and flexibility as this school year progresses.  

We are looking forward to the day when our instrumental music ensembles can perform together for audiences!


What's New? 

Email Update - How do you like our new look?

Parent Night - Tuesday, August 25th at 7:00pm.

  • This year Parent Night will be conducted via Zoom.

  • Current parents/guardians will receive an email with the link.

  • We encourage ALL parents to attend!

We are getting a new look for our website! 


Stay Informed!

Parents/Guardians of current Instrumental Music Students

Please sign up for ABO News on the For Parents Page

Community Members, Prospective Parents, Alumni

Please sign up for Music Notes on the For Parents Page

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