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Parade Reminders

The 2021 September Apple Blossom parade is this Saturday, September 18th! CALL TIME - 8:00 am at the band room.

PPE UPDATE Masks - On campus, all musicians, drum majors and banner holders will wear masks. Once we step off campus to line up for the parade, wind musicians are allowed to pull down or remove their masks while they are performing during the parade, if needed for timing and coordination (students will be spaced 6+ feet apart). Once we reach the end of the parade route and finish playing, all students must put on their masks immediately. Drum majors, banner holders, and percussionists will wear masks on the parade route. Bell covers - All wind instruments must have bell covers on at all times: indoors, outdoors and on the parade route. If a student forgets or loses their bell cover, they can purchase a bell cover from Janis. Replacement costs for bell covers are between $8.00 to $13.00 and only while supplies last. UNIFORM

  • WCHS Red & Blue tie-dye Spirit t-shirt $15 will be charged to replace lost or forgotten t-shirts.

  • Dark Blue Jeans (no rips or holes)

  • Athletic/comfortable walking shoes (no neon colors or distracting designs)

  • UPDATE: It could be a chilly morning so students are allowed to wear long-sleeves (t-shirt or sweatshirt) under their spirit t-shirt. The long sleeves must be white, black or gray only and cannot have writing or graphics on the sleeves.

  • Hats: Students can wear a hat while rehearing on the field, but hats are NOT allowed while marching in the parade.

SUNGLASSES/SUNSCREEN: Students are highly encouraged to wear sunglasses and sunscreen for the parade, even if it’s foggy. ALSO BRING: a water bottle. Hydration is so important! BREAKFAST/SNACK: Thank you to the volunteers who are bringing food and drink for breakfast. Students will have a short break to eat a breakfast snack. PARADE ROUTE: The parade starts at 10am in front of West County High School and the route goes down Main Street. WCHS marching band will be towards the beginning of the parade. The parade route ends at Calder Ave (near the Amiot bears sculpture). The band will walk one more block ahead to Lucca Deli and Liquors on the corner of Main Street and Walker Ave. We will unload the large instruments into vehicles there. CHECKOUT: All students must check out with Mr. Jones or Janis! The two times/areas to check out are: 1. At the end of the parade route, approx 10:20am (please note: students will be responsible for their instruments) or 2. In the band room (where all the instrument cases will be) After we have loaded the large instruments in the vehicles, we will walk together along Petaluma Ave back to the band room. Mr. Jones and Janis will be there until Noon for students to put away their instruments and checkout. Questions? Please email Janis

(Amiot Bears Fishing Sculpture at Main Street and Calder Ave.)

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