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Mattress Fundraiser - Update!

Our 4th Annual Mattress sale taking place on Saturday, October 16, 2021 in the WCHS Cafeteria!

This is an incredible opportunity for us to earn a great deal of money without having to ask the parents and kids to volunteer time or sell anything. We are very excited to have the opportunity to host this event again. For the Band Wagon, we earn thousands of dollars every time we have a mattress fundraiser sale!

But we can't do it without your help to get the word out!

West County High School Music Mattress Sale Fundraiser

Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 10am-5pm

West County HS Cafeteria

# of mattress per student: 1 mattress

What is the Mattress Fundraiser?

  • 1-day mattress sale taking place right at West County High School 6950 Analy Ave, Sebastopol

Why would anyone come to your high school to buy a mattress?

  • Price: At our 1-day event, we will be selling the SAME mattresses as the stores for up to 50% less than normal stores

  • The average cost of a mattress at a store is $2000

  • Support: Every single purchase made at our event goes towards benefitting the music program.

How can we offer up to 50% off on the same mattresses as traditional stores?

  • A normal retail store pays a lot of money to rent their store location. They build the cost of renting that building into their mattress prices.

  • We are hosting our 1-day sale at your school for FREE. That means we can sell the same mattresses without having to add the costs of renting a mattress store.

What do we need to do in order to hit our goal?

  • For us to reach our goal, we need every student and parent’s help in finding at least 1 person to attend our event who is currently in need of a mattress.

How many people actually need a mattress?

  • 1 out of every 10 people you know will purchase a mattress this year.

  • We just need to give them a good reason to purchase NOW at our 1-day event.

What is the secret to success with this fundraiser?

  • The more people know about our upcoming event, the more money we will raise.

Example conversation intro:

“This might sound crazy, but my High School Music Program is hosting a mattress fundraiser sale at the school. You wouldn’t happen to need a new mattress would you?’

What are the best ways to get information about our event to everyone in town?

  1. Facebook:

  2. For our West County event: Like, Share, Click “Going” and INVITE family and friends

  3. Yard Signs: Display these in your front yard where it can be seen (Coming next week!)

  4. Email: Blast out an email to coworkers, friends, and more!

  5. Referral flyers: Students will receive these at our meeting next week. Write the student’s name at the bottom and give these to family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, friends from church, etc.

Use this flyer here!


Do we deliver?

  • Yes, and we even set up your mattress wherever you need it!

Do we take away the old mattress/box spring?

  • Yes, and it’s FREE

What are the warranties like?

  • We order our mattresses directly through the factory. They are made from scratch in whatever size the customer ordered. It will be delivered with a full factory warranty, just like a mattress store.

What forms of payment do we accept?

  • All forms of payment. Cash/checks (preferred), as well as all major cards. We even have a no-credit-needed financing option, which allows customers to pay off their mattress in 90-days, interest free.

What else will we be selling at our 1-day sale?

  • Pillows, protectors, sheets, universal and high rise bed frames, adjustable lifestyle power bases.

  • Every single purchase at the event benefits your program.

Special discounts:

  • Faculty/staff, first responders, active/retired military members and their families receive an additional 10% off their entire purchase.


West County High School Music Program Parents

Tuesday – September 28th – 6:30pm via Google Meet Important for ALL Music Program Parents

It is VERY IMPORTANT that we communicate the details of this event with EVERY parent in order to maximize our results and earn the most money.

We realize that as parents you have very busy schedules, but this is a meeting that CANNOT be overlooked.

As a part of our upcoming fundraiser, the company that we are working with is donating an additional $350 to the Music Program if we can get 50+ parents/guardians in attendance at this meeting!

Since we have not had opportunities to fundraise in the past year and a half, this mattress fundraiser is especially crucial for the Band Wagon to raise essential funds to support your Band and Orchestra students.

We will send a Google Meet link next week.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the meeting!

Please contact Janis Snyder, Program Coordinator, 707-834-2337 if you have any questions.

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