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Inspiring Music Students During a Pandemic

Analy High School Music Program's Casey Jones' Approach to Back to School

8/13/2020 Press Release


Today, on a first day of school unlike any other, Analy High School's Music Director, Casey Jones, is setting out to inspire his students to play music despite not being together.

Distance learning is representing a particular challenge for music directors across the Country. Music programs, by definition, rely on a collaborative in-person activities as the various band ensembles such as jazz, symphonic, concert, and orchestra, play their instruments together to create their form of art. Music directors are concerned about the long-term impact of the pandemic on music programs as students miss out on these critical in-person practice sessions.

This summer, our very own Casey Jones, set out to combat this issue by inspiring his students through homemade, funny videos. The first set of videos featured music history combined with cooking show recipes reminiscent of classic PBS TV shows. Last week's back-to-school release, already with over 4000 views on Facebook, featured an exercise routine and music from the 1976 film, Rocky.

This week, parents enjoyed Mr. Jones' funny parody on what distance learning would look like had the pandemic occurred when they were kids, complete with VHS videos and overhead projector lessons. Mr. Jones' videos inspire students to once again be excited about their music and music community, which we believe will translate to more practice time and dedication to music arts.

Click HERE to view Mr. Jones' fantastic videos!

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