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2020 Virtual Winter Concert

This year, the Band and Orchestra students have recorded videos of themselves playing their pieces. And our Music Director/Video Producer, Casey Jones, has stitched them all together for a performance from each band. The videos are now posted on YouTube (see link below). These videos will be available through the end of the school year.

Our Winter Concert is a significant fundraiser for the Analy Band Wagon through ticket sales, snacks, raffles, Feed the Tuba, and program sponsors. None of that can happen this year! So we are requesting that, if you can, you go to our Virtual Winter Concert campaign and make a donation to the program for the tickets that you would’ve bought in a normal year. The “tickets” for adults are $10, seniors $5 and your whole family for $20. Please go to our Givebutter 2020 Winter Concert campaign now and make your donation.

Also, I’d like to make a gentle reminder only 40% of our families have made their Family Contributions so far. If there are any of you who haven’t yet made this annual contribution to our program, maybe ’tis the season to go to our Givebutter 2020-2021 Family Contribution campaign and make your donation? Note that the ABW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations to us may be tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support of music at Analy!

Michael Ost, Analy Band Wagon President

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