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DataQuest Research

Analy High School is said to have one of the top per-capita instrumental music enrollments in the state of California.  We did some research to find out how well we measure up.

The data presented in these reports was downloaded from CA DOE DataQuest. Two separate reports were combined to comprise the presented data:

  1. Total enrollment data for school years 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 can be viewed (and downloaded) by clicking on the preceding links.
  2. The enrollment in instrumental music classes data is a little more involved so click here to view a document explaining how to get the data.

Note: Because the available data at DataQuest only goes down to the class level and not student level, it is possible that some students may be represented more than once.  For example, if a student is in band as well as orchestra, he or she will be counted twice.  For this reason, the data presented here should not be construed as accurate per-capita numbers but is intended to give a rough idea of which high schools in California have the highest participation in their instrumental music program.

In the interest of comparing apples to apples, there are three filters available for each of the reports. Checking any of these boxes will cause the list to be regenerated with the selected filter(s) in place. They are:

  1. Only 4-year high schools – The list of schools appearing on the reports are schools that have at least one student in any of the grades 9-12.  Not all of them are 4-year high schools so if you want to compare Analy to only 4-year high schools, check this box.
  2. Enrollment of 1,000 or more – Total enrollment ranges from less than 100 to almost 5,000.  If you want to filter out schools with total enrollment of less than 1,000 students, check this box.
  3. 5 or fewer classes – There is a wide variety of class offerings in instrumental music classes. In some of the larger schools, certain ensembles may consist of numerous classes per ensemble, including different sections per semester, so the occurrence of student duplication is probably high.  Analy has 5 ensembles (Orchestra, Honor Band, Advanced Band, Intermediate Band and Jazz Band) so if you want to filter out schools that have more than 5 classes offered, check this box.

Source: CA DOE DataQuest

Last updated Wednesday October 02, 2013

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