All Bands & Orchestra – Enmanji BBQ

Hello Band & Orchestra Members,

We need volunteers to assist at the Enmanji Buddhist Temple Teriyaki BBQ in Sebastopol on Sunday, July 8 from 10 – 3.  It is a fun day directing traffic in the parking lot and hanging out with other band & orchestra members.

You also get to enjoy the festivities at the festival and have a free Teriyaki Chicken BBQ lunch!

I need your name, cell phone number and email address as I have to send you a volunteer waiver form that needs to be signed in order for you to participate.  The Temple makes a generous donation to the Analy Band & Orchestra for your work, so you are helping with the cause!

Thank you for helping out!

Beth Lewis (Emily’s mom)
cell (707) 479-3103

All Bands & Orchestra – Graduation

Hello Everyone,

As you all know, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Orchestra will be performing at graduation on Thursday, May 31st.  Your student needs to be in the cafeteria by 4:15pm so they should arrive by 4:00pm.  For a complete email regarding dress requirements, timeline, and suggestions regarding your student’s comfort, CLICK HERE.

We are still in DESPERATE need of volunteers to help check-in/out instruments after graduation.  You are asked to arrive between 6:15 – 6:30pm and should be done approximately 7:45pm.  Please contact Dawn at 707-824-2337 if you can volunteer.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – HELP!!

Hello Band & Orchestra Families,

We are looking for a seamstress to help with uniforms for the 2018-19 school year.  Our current seamstress will be the ABW treasurer next year, so we need to fill this position as soon as possible.  If we do not have a seamstress, it will cost the program extra $$ to outsource our sewing needs.  Funds that could be used elsewhere.

This position requires the ability to hem both pants and dresses and make other minor repairs.  The busiest time is the beginning of the school year as we prepare to issue new uniforms to incoming students.  There might be an occasional need throughout the rest of the school year.  A sewing machine is provided.  So, if you are interested in helping with our sewing needs, please contact Dawn in the Band/Orchestra office at 824-2337.

Thank You!


All Bands & Orchestra – Program Coordinator Position Open

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, the Analy Band Wagon is seeking a new band/orchestra program coordinator to begin the next school year as our beloved Dawn will be retiring.

The job ad is attached (CLICK HERE), if anyone is interested in applying to this position, please follow the contact information in the ad. If you know of anyone we can consider, please refer them.

Thank you,

The Analy Band Wagon

All Bands & Orchestra – Graduation Information

Hello Everyone,

Graduation is Thursday, May 31st!  Students need to be in the cafeteria by 4:15pm ready to play.  So they should arrive a little after 4pm in the band/orchestra room to get their instrument and music.  There will be a check-in list in the cafeteria.  Seniors also need to arrive by 4:15pm to assemble their instrument, this applies to seniors using band/orchestra instruments AND those who are using their personal instruments.   Seniors will hand off their instrument to their “designated instrument carrier” and then head to the gym to line up for graduation.

Students should dress in black bottoms (black jeans acceptable, no yoga pants).  Skirts need to knee length or longer.  They also need to wear a white shirt (not sleeveless).  All black shoes (they do not have to be closed toed).  Please have your student bring a jacket in case the weather cools down.  Students are encouraged to wear sunglasses as we are usually facing the sun.  Finally, make sure your student has something to eat prior to arriving as they will not have an opportunity to eat until after graduation, approximately 7:30pm.

Seniors who are playing their own instrument for graduation, please check-in any band/orchestra instruments prior to the end of the school year. .

All students need to check-in their band/orchestra instrument right after graduation.  If your student would like to check out their band/orchestra instrument for the summer, there will be a specific table to do so.  Please DO NOT leave any personal instruments in the band/orchestra room over the summer.

Parent volunteers are needed to help check-in/out band/orchestra instruments after graduation.   If any underclassmen parents would like to help  the night of graduation, please contact Dawn at 824-2337.

Thank You!

Graduation – Seniors ONLY

Hello Senior Families,

As many of you already know, seniors perform the National Anthem at graduation. All seniors from band/orchestra will be seated together typically in the back row.  This is to eliminate the need to climb over other students in order to perform.  Their instrument will be placed on a chair in front of the Band/Orchestra so they may go right over to the Band/Orchestra, perform the National Anthem and then return to their seats.

If your senior is using one of the band/orchestra’s instrument there is a few things they need to do in order to play.  First, they will have to have the contract (click here for a copy) completed with all signatures by Tuesday, May 29th.  Failure to do so will mean they CANNOT perform during the graduation ceremony.  There will be NO exceptions to this deadline.  Please keep in mind that they will still be seated in the band/orchestra section regardless of returning the signed contract.  Secondly, they will need to be here by 4:15pm to assemble their instrument and give it to the person they designated to carry (underclassman) it to the field, this also applies to those seniors using their own instrument.  Since seniors are required to be at the gym to line up for graduation at 4:30, there is ample time to complete this task.   Again, failure to do so means they will not be able to perform the National Anthem during graduation.  Finally, the band/orchestra instrument must be returned to the band/orchestra room within 30 minutes of the hat toss.  Dawn will have a special table set up specifically for seniors to make sure this goes quickly.  Failure to return the band/orchestra instrument in its entirety (all parts of the instrument and case) that night will result in their diploma being withheld.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give Dawn a call at 824-2337.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – Spring Concert Information

Hello Everyone,

Our Spring Concert is a TOMORROW, Friday, May 11th @ 6:30pm! The concert is in the Analy Auditorium.  We will be honoring our graduating seniors.

Tickets:  $7 Adults, $5 Students and Senior Citizens, Children under 5 are free.  Proceeds benefit the Analy Band & Orchestra program.

Giant Tickets: Will be on sale in the lobby before the concert and during intermission.  The game is on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. Tickets are $25 each.

ABW Glasses:  ABW logo stemless wine glasses will be available for purchase.  They are $3 each.  Get them while they last!

Raffle Tickets:  There will be raffle tickets for Disneyland, with two chances to win.  $5 per chance or $20 for 5 chances.  So bring some extra $$ and take a chance or TWO or THREE or FOUR or FIVE or SIX…

Snacks:  Families with the last name beginning with N – Z are asked to donate two dozen goodies for the snack table.

Volunteers:  For those who have volunteered, please arrive at 5:30pm

Attire: Each ensemble will select a “theme” attire for the concert, so NO uniforms will be worn tomorrow.  evening.  The themes are as follows:

Concert Band – Mini Maestros

Orchestra – Hippies

Symphonic Band – Kids (not babies)

Arrival Times:  Concert Band & Orchestra are to arrive by 5:45pm. Symphonic is to arrive by 6:20pm and go directly to the auditorium to find their seats.  As always, your student is required to stay for WHOLE CONCERT.

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 824-2337.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – Spring Concert HELP!

Hi Everyone!

The Spring Concert is this Friday, May 11th @ 6:30pm in the Analy Auditorium.  We are still in need of LOTS of volunteers!  Since this is the last concert for our seniors, we are asking that underclassmen parents help by volunteering.  We still are in need of a couple of door monitors, ticket sales, snack table sales, merchandise sales, and clean up.  If you can volunteer, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office asap!  You can reach her at 707-824-2337.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – Spring Concert Themes

Hello Band & Orchestra Families,

As most of you know, the bands & orchestra do not wear their concert attire for our Spring Concert (May 11th).  Students select a theme for their ensemble.  After much discussion, the themes have been selected for the 2018 Spring Concert.  Please help assist your student with their outfit.  If you need any clarification on the themes, feel free to contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 824-2337.


Concert Band – Mini Maestros – Students should dress similar to Maestro Stewart.  Button-up shirt, glasses ($1 store) & a flat cap (Goodwill) are some suggestions.

Orchestra – Hippies – Students should go back to the 60’s.  Bell-bottom jeans, peace signs, & tie-dye tee shirts are some suggestions.

Symphonic Band – Little Kids (not babies) – Students should go take a look at pictures of themselves at age 5 and try to recreate that in their clothing.  Ponytails with bows, walking shorts with suspenders, rain boots are some suggestions.

For more information regarding the Spring Concert, go to and click on coordinators blog.  You will find an email regarding the Spring Concert with all the information.

Have Fun!

Full Orchestra – Rehearsal Information

Full Orchestra Families,

REMINDER:  There is a Full Orchestra rehearsal this evening, Monday, April 30th from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in the band/orchestra room.  Please have your student arrive on time.  This is in preparation for the Spring Concert on Friday, May 11th.

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 707-824-2337.

Thank You!