Msg for Parents & Students from Mr Jones

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

I hope this email finds you healthy, safe and well. I wanted to check in about remote teaching and give a little insight into how we are going to navigate class work. We are going to be working mostly through Google Classroom using the music that was distributed earlier this year. Students can log into each class using a “class code” if they do not have the code, please contact me or Janis.

Students will be expected to submit recordings of their progress and will receive guidelines from myself as to what to practice and some expectations. I will occasionally send feedback so they can improve their technique and practice. If I find that minimal effort was made to record, I may ask students to redo recordings. My overarching goal is to encourage regular practice with the goal of self-improvement. Students will be asked to reflect on their practice and set some practice goals.

That being said we are navigating this remote learning world together
and I plan on navigating slow and steady. I welcome constructive feedback and questions so we can all improve this together. There may be some apps or programs students will be asked to use to explore our best options, please be patient as some of it is new to me too.

Lastly, student health is my number one concern and if anyone needs any help or support as we navigate this digital music playing world, please know I am here to best support your student’s success. Tomorrow from 10am – Noon, I will host a Zoom video conference open to students to check in and say hi and ask questions (like open office hours). This is not required in anyway, but just an informal way to meet in these irregular times. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to email me or Janis, thank you.

Musically yours,

Casey Jones