Vote Yes on B!

Vote Yes on B!!
Hi band families!

As you may know, the Analy Band Wagon is a staunch supporter of local Measure B which renews a local parcel tax (and increases it a smidge) to fund important programs at Analy and El Molino high school, likeā€¦ BAND. This funding is very important for the immediate future of the band program. It increases property tax bills for local homeowners only from $4 to $7 a month. And the funds go to support band and other electives at the schools.

The election is on March 3rd, but you may well have an absentee ballot already that you can fill out. Information about the election can be found here:

Please join us in voting Yes on B. Passage requires a 2/3 majority so every yes vote is extra important! And please put the word out to your social media connections that you plan to vote yes.

Michael Ost, President
Analy Band Wagon