Jazz Combos: Friday Schedule Update

Hello Jazz Band Families

We have updated the Friday Jazz Combo Schedule for the Spring semester as follows:

Friday Rotation Schedule

Jazz Band Combos

Date                          Combo
1/24/2020                   A
2/14/2020                   B
2/28/2020                   C
3/6/2020                     A
3/13/2020                   B
4/3/2020                     C
4/10/2020                   A
4/17/2020                   B
5/8/2020                     C
5/15/2020                   ALL
5/22/2020                   A
5/29/2020                   B

Please note due to Mr. Jones’ schedule there will not be a combo every Friday.  Our ABW calendar has been updated on our website http://analybandwagon.org/.  You can add the ABW calendar to yours!  (See the attached graphic.)  If students are unsure which combo they are in, please have them see Janis.