Yes on B! Yes on Band!

The Analy Band Wagon strongly urges you to vote Yes on Measure B in the March 3rd election. Absentee ballots will start arriving in early February so keep an eye out for it. Measure B is very important for the future success of the band program. It will generate funds targeted to music and other electives at our high school. It’s a vital piece of the puzzle in keeping our music program going, and helping to avoid draconian cost cutting measures like the dreaded six period day schedule.

Measure B will cost homeowners in the high school district about $7 per month and will run for eight years. Everyone in the area can vote but the cost is only borne by property owners, who only stand to benefit as property values are tied to the quality of local schools. It requires a 2/3 majority to pass so every vote is vital — especially every “yes” vote!

Please vote yes and
encourage friends, neighbors and family to vote yes too. The support for B is across the board, from business to education to artists. There is no active opposition to it on the ballot. It’s just up to us to avoid apathy and get out the vote.

You can help out by picking up a Yes on B sign in the band room to display in a good public place, busy intersections preferred. More information and ways to help can be found at

Yes on B! Yes on band!

Michael Ost, Analy Band Wagon President