Taiko Community Concert

We are excited to announce our December graduate, Ren Zoshi, has a concert coming up on Sunday March 15th at the Enmanji Temple.

Here are a few words from Ren:

Hi everyone,

I am Ren Zoshi, first of all thank you so much everyone who has supported the Analy Band Wagon.

For those who don’t know me, I have been in the band program since my freshmen year, and graduated in mid-December.

But my main instrument that I play is the taiko drums.

Through out the three and a half year, I learned so much about music, but also the importance of having each other to support one another.

I was also recently accepted to become an apprentice of a professional taiko group in Japan that I have been wanting to join since nine years old called Kodo.

And part of being able to get this far is also because of all the support from you all!

So to give back to everyone, and also give my last good byes I am doing a recital before I leave to Japan on Sunday, March 15th.

Please check out the FLYER with all the information.

And thank you everyone who have already donated on the GoFundMe page as well.

It is open to everyone so please spread the word!

Hope to see you there!