Mattress Fundraiser Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the mattress fundraiser this year!  We couldn’t do it without your help to spread the word, find people to attend the sale, put up yard signs, distribute flyers/posters, perform on the radio, and wear mattress costumes!  Thank you so much to everyone who braved the downpour to come out to the sale and especially to those who purchased mattresses and accessories.

This year ABW earned just over $4000 at the mattress fundraiser!  A bit under budget, but not too shabby considering the proximity to the teacher strike and the downpour on the day of the mattress sale.  It’s also the least labor intensive of all our fundraisers!  15 Students will receive Amazon gift cards for referring people who purchased mattresses!

We plan to have this fundraiser every year, so please keep informing people about our sale, especially if they talk about needing a new mattress!  Our next
mattress sale is tentatively set for early December 2020.  These fundraisers can become very, very successful when the whole community can plan in advance to purchase at our annual mattress fundraiser while supporting a great cause like the Analy Band and Orchestra Program!

Could you please help us by picking up the yellow yard signs?  It made us so happy to see the yellow signs around town, but this year’s sale is now over.  Please collect the ones you put out, or if you pass by a sign, we’d appreciate your help in stopping to pick it up.  Signs can be re-used or recycled, but we do not have room for anymore in the band room.  Thanks!