Mattress Fundraiser – THIS WEEKEND!

To all Band and Orchestra families and friends,

Our Mattress Fundraiser is this weekend!  So excited to see all your hard work come to fruition!  This fundraiser is VERY IMPORTANT to the Band and Orchestra!

Keep up the efforts over the coming days!

  • Keep talking to everyone you know!
  • If you’ve already spoken with someone who’s expressed an interest, please take a few moments and send them a gentle reminder!  We’re all very busy and a reminder is very helpful and appreciated!
  • All Band and Orchestra students are needed at school the day of the event.  They’ve either been assigned a timeframe or have signed up for one.  Please check with them and help make sure they’re at school as scheduled to help make this event a success! 

If you yourself are in the market for a new mattress, adjustable frame, sheets, or pillows, come check things out on Saturday, December 7th.  All purchases support our program!

Thanks for all your help!

Casey Jones