Middle School Tour – permission slips, etc.

Families of Full Orchestra, Jazz and Symphonic Bands,

We are still hopeful that we can go on the Middle School Tour, Monday, November 18th!!!  In addition to being one of four main performances of the year, it’s a very important event to recruit future students for Analy Band and Orchestra.

PERMISSION SLIPS: Permission slips were due Wednesday, November 13th, but given the circumstances, we will accept permission slips before 8am and prior to boarding the bus on Monday morning (assuming the strike is over).  Mr. Jones and I have not been at school since Tuesday.

PLEASE make sure your student’s permission slip is signed and completed on BOTH SIDES.

If they do not have all of their teacher signatures, please get them to school a little early on Monday.  They will have a brief period of time to get a couple of signatures before
we leave on the buses.  Students can also ask the main office to sign for teachers who are unavailable.

We cannot let your student participate on the field trip without a completed, signed permission slip.


Students do not need to wear any kind of uniform, but we ask that they wear nice clothes (business casual) as we are representing our school and our band program.
Have your students pack a lunch or bring money for lunch.
Please make sure they have their instrument and music with them on Monday morning.  (It’s been a chaotic week!)
We still need a couple volunteers!  7:30am to approx. 3:00pm.  Please email Janis if you can attend coordinator@analybandwagon.org

Clarification: Concert Band does not attend the Middle School Tour.  Concert Band
students will only attend if they are also in Full Orchestra (winds & perc) or Jazz Band.

Thank you!