Help! A msg from ABW President, Michael Ost

HELP! The band program needs you! Please follow this link to the district’s poll about whether to keep the 7th period day: 7/6 Period Day Parent Survey.

In case you aren’t aware of the issue, the district is proposing eliminating one period a day as a cost saving measure to help balance the budget. However going from 7 to 6 periods a day is an existential threat to our beloved band program – indeed to all the arts. Kids won’t have the room in their schedule to take electives, much less the multiple music sections that some kids do. The ABW is convinced that this is a bad plan – losing electives will further erode enrollment at Analy.

There is a lot of momentum on the school board behind this idea. The superintendent, Toni Beal, is surveying the community to see what our feelings are about it.  So take the survey! This is an important moment for us to speak up, perhaps even more important than at a school board meeting. Emails to your trustees would be helpful as well:

Kellie Noe, Trustee –

Ted Walker, Trustee –

Jeanne Fernandes, Trustee –

Lori Bruhner, Trustee –

Diane Laundry, Trustee & President –

Thank you,
Michael Ost
ABW President