Jazz Band Class is Saved!!

The Analy Band Wagon is ecstatic to announce that the jazz band class at Analy High School is confirmed for the 2019-20 school year! Jazz Band will not become a ‘club’ as has been considered in recent months. Because of some amazing commitment by the school administration, especially our new principal Ms. Shauna Ferdinandson along […]

Mr. Jones and Cazadero Music Camp

If you would like to see Mr. Jones in action before the school year starts, he will be conducting the Cazadero music camp young musicians concert band. The concert will take place at 3pm on Saturday June 22nd. Feel free to forward this info to other parties – the concert is open to the public! […]

Announcing our new Music Director!

The Analy Band Wagon is excited to announce that Casey Jones has been selected and approved as the new music director for Analy High School and Brookhaven Middle School!  He will be teaching 60% at Analy and 40% at Brookhaven for the 2019-2020 school year.  For those of you who don’t already know Mr. Jones, […]

Board Meeting Tonight – 6/12 6 pm ElMo

Hi band lovers, A reminder that the school board is meeting tonight at El Molino at 6pm. They need to hear from us that jazz needs to be a *class* and not a *club*! This is our best opportunity to stand up for the music program and make an impression on the school board, the […]

Graduation Reminders – TONIGHT!

Graduation is today! All band and orchestra students should arrive at 4pm to have their instruments ready in the cafeteria by 4:15pm. Seniors will hand off their instruments to the designated instrument carrier. What to wear: White on top, black on bottom, black shoes.  Please see previous post for details. Graduation starts at 5:30 and […]

Friday Night Community Performance – June 7th

Whatcha doin’ Friday night? Come see India, Fiona, and Bridget our talented Analy musicians performing at the Sebastopol Arts, Beats, and Eats downtown celebration Friday, June 7th 5-7pm in front of Silk Moon

Volunteers needed for Teriyaki Festival – Sun July 14th

We need parking attendants for the Enmanji Temple’s Teriyaki Festival on Sunday, July 14th! There are still 12 spots left!  Please encourage your students to sign up in the band room – or email Janis Snyder at coordinator@analybandwagon.org.  We will accommodate everyone’s shift schedule for that day in early July. All students (or parents/community members) […]

From ABW VP Michael Ost – Jazz Band Update

Hi band geeks and families! Currently Jazz Band, our flagship group, has been reduced to a “club” for next year. There would still be a paid leader of the group – the school is willing to put up a stipend to pay for that. But the group would not be a real class and it […]