A Message from Michael Ost – ABW VP

Hi Analy Music Lovers!

The process for finding a replacement for our beloved Maestro Stewart is moving along. There were several candidates that the hiring committee — which included Katya Lynch as a student representative and me as a parent rep — interviewed and selected from. We chose our favorite and an offer was made and accepted! The name can’t be announced until the next school board meeting on June 12th for privacy and process reasons. But rest assured that we had strong candidates and are very hopeful that we found a good fit. 

It’s sad to say goodbye to Maestro. But we wish him well in his next bold adventure to live and work in Japan and to work with the Tachibana Senior High School marching band in Kyoto, Japan. We can all take a lesson from him to live our dreams!

/Michael Ost
Current ABW Vice President
Incoming ABW President

Note: There are some rumors going around about who has been hired.  Please keep in mind that we do not want word to get back to the new music director’s current place of employment until all is finalized!  We want to protect our new music director, so we are asking the students to stop the gossip.  Thank you.