All Parents – THANK YOU!

Dear Analy Band and Orchestra Families and Supporters,

A heartfelt thanks go out to all you who volunteered, donated, attended and/or purchased tickets for the Pasta and Music Night on March 2nd. The fundraiser was successful thanks to ALL OF YOU and your support for the Instrumental music program at Analy High School, and we earned $6,000!  It’s great to see that so many people value the unique skills and education that music can bring, and the students feel assured that their hard work is appreciated.  Thanks so much!

Also, our monthly Analy Band Wagon meeting is Thursday, April 11th at 6:30pm in the band/orchestra room. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in the group! It’s a great time to hear what is planned this spring from Maestro and to keep up to date with the program.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has contributed to making the Analy Music Program a success so far this year.  If you attended our concerts, ABW fundraisers, the Fall Festival, contributed your $125 Annual Contribution, volunteered your time or made a generous donation – our deepest thanks on behalf of our student musicians.

There is more to come: Apple Blossom Parade, CMEA’s, Spring Concert, Graduation – see the ABW web calendar for everything at  If you can find a way in the coming weeks to contribute, volunteer time, and/or money to the program it will be well used and appreciated.

Next school year will start quicker that you know it and the Analy Band Wagon has a need for volunteers to join the Board of Directors for 2019-2020.  Our students can succeed so much more if adults are willing to help, give their time and talents to making the school year successful, challenging and fulfilling for the musicians.

Amazon Smile and Benefit Mobile are other painless way to contribute to support the musicians and their work to keep Analy Music excellent!  See the ABW Contribute page for more information.

Again, thanks so much for supporting the students and their work to become the best musicians they can!!!

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