Alliance Redwoods – Important Information

For all Parents/Guardians of students attending the Alliance Redwoods Overnight –

Today I met with your students regarding the packing list and basic rules of the Alliance Redwoods/Sonoma Canopy Tours trip THIS upcoming Sunday and Monday, March 17th & 18th.

Please drop off your student at Alliance Redwoods in Occidental at 11am on Sunday, March 17th and pick up at Alliance Redwoods at 12:30pm on Monday, March 18th.

Cell phone reception is not reliable at Alliance Redwoods.  The Alliance Redwoods number is 707-824-3507, ext 100.

For the detailed information, packing list, rules and directions, please click HERE.

Questions between now and Friday ~Noon, please contact Janis or (707) 824-2337.

Questions after Friday?  Call or text Janis at (650) 464-1220.