Disneyland Spring Break Trip Status

Hello Disneyland Families,

Many of you and your students are wondering whether the Disneyland trip is a go for Spring Break 2019.  It is with deep regret that we will not be making the trip this year.  There are not enough students in the band/orchestra program available to attend the trip.

Please know that we made every effort to make the Disneyland trip happen.  Checks for Disneyland deposits will be mailed home shortly.  If your deposit was cash, Janis will contact you.

As an alternative, we are looking forward to an end-of-the-year daytrip or possibly an overnight trip for the Music Students.  Details are in the works and information regarding this trip will be sent out in the Spring.

We are also planning a 2019-2020 school year out-of-state trip.  We should have those details in a couple of months so that students can start to plan and raise money well in advance for this trip.

If you have any questions, please contact Janis in the band/orchestra office at 707-824-2337 or by email coordinator@analybandwagon.org.