Giants Game this Wednesday – Final Parent & Student Reminders

Giants Game Reminders

The Giants Game is this Wednesday 9/26!  And we are working hard to get everyone ready for the performance. Here are some reminders for both parents and students:

Parent Reminders

Final reminder for ticket purchases and permission slips.  A second permission slip was distributed in class last week that needs to be turned in ASAP.  This gives permission for your student to leave 7th period early for practice. Your student must have their permission slips turned in before we can allow them on the bus to the Giants game. Access the Original Permission Slip HERE. Access the 7th per Absence form HERE.

Your student is REQUIRED to go home on the bus unless Janis receives an email or a physical note delivered BEFORE Noon on Game Day – this Wednesday 9/26.  It must include WHO your student will be going home with. Before leaving the game, the student AND the parent must check out with BOTH Maestro and Janis.

The bus will be locked until we return to the bus after the game, parents keep this in mind if your student is not returning on the bus.  Also, if they are not returning on the bus, please make sure your student has a friend to take their instrument off the bus and place it in their cubby.

Chaperones should arrive 3-3:15pm on Wednesday.  Our remaining Giants sweatshirts will be available for sale and Family tickets will be available for pick up.  (Or you may pick up in the Band Office M-W 8am-Noon, or make arrangements with Janis.)

Attending the game?  Don’t want to drive in traffic or pay for parking?  Ride the school bus with us! We are selling seats on the bus for $10 each on a first come, first served basis.  Contact Janis if you would like to ride the bus with us: or 707-824-2337.  You must arrive to school by 3:15pm and bring $10 for the bus.

If you are not able to attend the game, listen to KNBR 680 ~7pm for the performance.

While riding home on the bus, we will remind all students to text you when we are in Petaluma so that you can meet them at AHS when we arrive.

Student Reminders

REQUIRED PRACTICE: Tuesday, September 25th 3-4pm.  Meet in the Band Room.


WEAR/BRING: blue jeans, close-toed shoes (no neon), light gray hoodie (ONLY Tiger Band or plain – no logos), layers.  I highly encourage putting your name in your sweatshirt. You will not be allowed to perform if you are not wearing the proper attire.  Please check with Janis if you have any questions about this.

BRING: Plenty of food for lunch that day, an afternoon snack, water and money to purchase any food/drink/souvenir at the game.  You will not have an
opportunity to get food at the ballpark until after 7:30pm. You may also bring a small blanket or extra layers.  No backpacks larger than 16x16x8 are allowed in the ballpark.

BUDDY: Time to figure out a buddy or group.  You cannot leave the seats to go get food or go to the restroom without a buddy!  If you don’t have a buddy – Janis, Maestro, or the chaperones will be happy to be your buddy.

NOT GOING HOME ON THE BUS?  Make sure Janis has received an email or physical note from your parent/guardian.  Find an instrument buddy to who will be responsible for taking your instrument off the bus and placing it in the instrument room when the bus gets back to school.  Please let Janis know who will be responsible for your instrument.

1:55 – You will be excused from your 7th period class.  Come to the band room to collect your instrument, then go to the Cafeteria.

3:00-3:15  – Quick Break:  Pack up your instrument for loading onto the bus, use the restroom, change into blue jeans, gray hoodie and close toed shoes, collect your belongings, and eat a snack.  You will NOT be allowed to leave campus between practice and loading the bus.

3:30 – Bus loading: Pay attention, follow directions, and be helpful to your fellow student bus loaders.

3:30-3:45 – Let’s get on the bus and Go to the Giants game!!