Graduation – Seniors ONLY

Hello Senior Families,

As many of you already know, seniors perform the National Anthem at graduation. All seniors from band/orchestra will be seated together typically in the back row.  This is to eliminate the need to climb over other students in order to perform.  Their instrument will be placed on a chair in front of the Band/Orchestra so they may go right over to the Band/Orchestra, perform the National Anthem and then return to their seats.

If your senior is using one of the band/orchestra’s instrument there is a few things they need to do in order to play.  First, they will have to have the contract (click here for a copy) completed with all signatures by Tuesday, May 29th.  Failure to do so will mean they CANNOT perform during the graduation ceremony.  There will be NO exceptions to this deadline.  Please keep in mind that they will still be seated in the band/orchestra section regardless of returning the signed contract.  Secondly, they will need to be here by 4:15pm to assemble their instrument and give it to the person they designated to carry (underclassman) it to the field, this also applies to those seniors using their own instrument.  Since seniors are required to be at the gym to line up for graduation at 4:30, there is ample time to complete this task.   Again, failure to do so means they will not be able to perform the National Anthem during graduation.  Finally, the band/orchestra instrument must be returned to the band/orchestra room within 30 minutes of the hat toss.  Dawn will have a special table set up specifically for seniors to make sure this goes quickly.  Failure to return the band/orchestra instrument in its entirety (all parts of the instrument and case) that night will result in their diploma being withheld.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give Dawn a call at 824-2337.

Thank You!