All Bands & Orchestra – Spring Concert Themes

Hello Band & Orchestra Families,

As most of you know, the bands & orchestra do not wear their concert attire for our Spring Concert (May 11th).  Students select a theme for their ensemble.  After much discussion, the themes have been selected for the 2018 Spring Concert.  Please help assist your student with their outfit.  If you need any clarification on the themes, feel free to contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 824-2337.


Concert Band – Mini Maestros – Students should dress similar to Maestro Stewart.  Button-up shirt, glasses ($1 store) & a flat cap (Goodwill) are some suggestions.

Orchestra – Hippies – Students should go back to the 60’s.  Bell-bottom jeans, peace signs, & tie-dye tee shirts are some suggestions.

Symphonic Band – Little Kids (not babies) – Students should go take a look at pictures of themselves at age 5 and try to recreate that in their clothing.  Ponytails with bows, walking shorts with suspenders, rain boots are some suggestions.

For more information regarding the Spring Concert, go to and click on coordinators blog.  You will find an email regarding the Spring Concert with all the information.

Have Fun!