All Bands & Orchestra – Seniors Only

Hello Senior Families,

As you all know graduation is right around the corner (May 31st), we are so proud of your senior and a little sad because they will be missed.  Before they close their high school career, we have a little house cleaning to get done.  It is time for your senior to turn in their uniform.

Please have your student turn in ALL pieces of their uniform directly to Dawn, who has a checklist by May 14th.  You do not have to have the uniform dry cleaned.  Just have your student turn in their uniform with a check for $20 made payable to Analy Band.  Orchestra girls, since you only have a dress to be dry cleaned it will be $15.  You may choose to dry clean the uniform yourself, in that case, return it in the dry-cleaning bag with the receipt.  If there are missing uniform pieces, you will need to pay to have that piece replaced.  Below is list of uniform items that need to be returned and the replacement cost.  Failure to do so will result in holding graduation tickets and/or diploma.


Black tuxedo pants    –    $30

White tuxedo shirt    –    $15

Black tuxedo jacket (if your senior is in Honor Band and/or Orchestra) –   $65

Black dress (if your senior is in Honor Band and/or Orchestra) –  $80

Blue cummerbund   –    $10

Blue vest   –   $30

Blue bow tie   –   $3.50

3 shirt studs –  .50¢ each

2 cuff links    –   $1 each

Garment Bag   –  $4

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 824-2337.

Thank You!