Symphonic & Concert Bands – Apple Blossom Parade Info

Hello All Band Families,

The combined bands (Symphonic and Concert) march in the Apple Blossom Parade on Saturday, April 21, 2018.  We are the home band, so participation is mandatory.  ALL BAND STUDENTS (this does NOT include Orchestra) should arrive at AHS by 7:30 AM so they can be on the track with their instrument, in proper uniform including hat (will be handed out that morning), ready to march by 7:45 AM.

MANDATORY REHEARSAL – There is a mandatory tutorial rehearsal for ALL band members on Thursday, April 19th.  This is in preparation for the Apple Blossom on the 21st of April.  The students are required to come for the entire tutorial time (7:35 – 8:10am).  Please make sure your student clears their schedule for the mandatorial.

UNIFORMS – Please make sure that the tuxedo shirts and vests are pressed and ready to go.  Ladies, please keep in mind that the white tuxedo shirts are very transparent so please wear neutral colored undergarments.

VEST – Be sure your student’s vest fits properly.  When the vest is worn there should not be any of the white tuxedo shirt showing between the trouser pant (pants should be at the hip) and the vest when holding their instrument in a marching position.  If it does, this means the vest is too short.  Please have your student come into the band/orchestra office with their old vest (cleaned & pressed) as soon as possible so that Dawn can issue a new vest.  Do not wait until the morning of the parade.

SHOES & SOCKS – Students must wear ALL black closed-toe shoes and All black socks for the parade.  Please do not have any other colors (ex. logos) on the shoes or socks.  If you do not yet have all black closed-toed shoes, there are marching shoes that you can rent for $10 from the band/orchestra office.  Also, the socks should be at least calf length, please no ‘anklets’.

BOW TIES – Many students have been arriving to events without their bow ties.  We do not have a lot of extra bow ties in our inventory this time of year.  So please have your student locate all their uniform pieces prior to Saturday, April 21st.  Please note, they DO NOT wear their cummerbund.

SUNGLASSES – Students are required to bring and wear sunglasses.  If your student wear regular glasses, they don’t need to wear sunglasses.

STUDENT NEEDS – Even though we march in the morning, it can get very warm.  Please make sure your student has plenty of water.  By the time we finish the parade route and return to the band/orchestra room it will be approximately noon, so your student will want to have breakfast before arriving at AHS.  Finally, students should wear sunscreen as they will be facing the sun while practicing and while they are marching in the parade. There is sunscreen available in band/orchestra office.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – We need the following volunteers…3 parents to follow the band to help retrieve hats when students are done marching, 3 parents to help hand out hats in the band/orchestra room prior to the students going out to practice on the track (arrival time 7:25am), and 2 pick-up trucks at the end of the parade route to collect sousaphones, percussion equipment and hats bins.  Please contact Dawn if you can help out on the day of the parade.

If you have any questions regarding the Apple Blossom Parade, please give Dawn a call at 707-824-2337.

Thank You!