All Bands & Orchestra – ABW

Dear Analy Band and Orchestra Families and Supporters,

A heart felt thanks go out to all you who attended and/or purchased tickets for the Pasta and Music Night on February 24. The fundraiser was successful thanks to all of you and your support for the Instrumental music program at Analy High School.  Its great to see that so many value the unique skills and education that music can bring, and the students feel assured that their hard work is appreciated.
Thanks so much!

Also our monthly Analy Band Wagon meeting is Thursday, March 8th at 6:00pm in the band/orchestra room. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in the group! It’s a great time to hear what is planned this spring from Maestro and to keep up to date with the program.

We are seeking new members as 4 of our members have graduating seniors and need to pass the baton to others.  Most importantly, we are seeking an incoming Treasurer and we would like to familiarize them with our data, book keeping, etc. If you have those skills, please attend the meeting or send an email Dawn, or call 824-2337.

Thank you,
Analy Band Wagon