Honor/Jazz Bands & Full Orchestra – Middle School Tour

Hello Honor Band, Jazz Band & Orchestra Families,

As you know the Middle School Tour is right around the corner, Monday, February 26th.  Details of the timeline was sent out in a previous email.  If you missed it, do not worry, go to anaybandwagon.org and click on coordinator’s blog.  You will find all previously sent out emails.

We are still looking for chaperones for this trip.  We are required to have minimum # of chaperones and at this point we have 2.  So if you can volunteer, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office, 707-824-2337,  as soon as possible.

Finally, permission slips are due Friday, February 23rd. Students are required to turn in both the medical permission slip AND the teacher’s permission slip.  It takes a little effort to get all the teacher’s signature, so please encourage your student to take care of this sooner rather than later (do not wait until Monday).  You can download a copy of the permissions slips (see below) or your student can pick-up a hard copy in the band/orchestra office.

If you have any questions or you can volunteer, please contact Dawn at 707-824-2337.

CLICK HERE for Medical Permission Slip

CLICK HERE for Teacher’s Permission Slip