All Bands – Marching Season Tips

Hi Band Families,

As many of you know it is marching season.  Both Concert and Symphonic Bands will be marching at some point during the school week.  So here are a few tips to help your student be more comfortable while marching.

Layer clothing:  Concert Band marches during the morning hours when it tends to be cooler while Symphonic Band marches in the afternoon when it tends to be warmer.  Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

Shoes:  Please wear comfortable shoes for marching, sneakers are recommended.  Students will be required to participate even if they haven’t worn the proper shoes (bare feet are not allowed per school dress code policy).  If your student doesn’t want to wear sneakers during the school day, they can change into sneakers prior to marching.

Sunscreen:  There is sunscreen available in the band/orchestra office, just ask Dawn.  If your student likes a certain sunscreen, remind them to apply it before school and/or apply it prior to marching.

Water:  It is important that all our students stay hydrated.  Students should carry a water bottle especially during marching season.  We do take water breaks during our marching practice, it would be more convenient for your student to have a water bottle and not have to seek out a water fountain.

Music:  Maestro requires both bands to memorize the marching piece (Sir Duke).

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 707-824-2337.

Thank You!