All Bands & Orchestra – Fall Festival Information

Hello Bands & Orchestra Families,

The Analy Band Wagon Fall Music Festival is a few weeks away, Friday & Saturday, October 27th & 28th.  We will be hosting ensembles from as far away as Marin County and Mendocino County.  The three adjudicators this year are Dr. Edward Harris from San Jose State University, Dr. Luis Zuniga from Los Medanos College and Arlene Burney.  This event is free and opened to the public.  The full schedule will be available shortly on the ABW website which is


Symphonic Band (aka Honor Band):  Friday, October 27th

Warm-up at 2:00pm, performance at 2:30pm, clinic at 3:00pm & pictures at 3:30pm

There will be NO Pep Band on Friday!

Orchestra:  Saturday, October 28th

Warm-up at 10:00am, performance at 10:30am, clinic at 11:00am & pictures at 11:30am

Concert Band (aka Advanced Band & Intermediate Band): Saturday, October 28th

Warm-up at 4:00pm, performance at 4:30pm, clinic at 5:00pm & pictures at 5:30pm

All students should arrive in their concert attire EXCEPT Symphonic Band.  Since Symphonic Band is performing before school is out, they need to bring their uniforms with them to school on the morning of Friday, October 27th.  For those Symphonic Band students who do not have a place to store their uniform during the school day, Dawn will be in the band/orchestra office before school starts.  Symphonic Band students may drop off their uniform to her and she will hold it until they are released from their 7th period class.

Concert attire includes:

 ALL black closed toed shoes (absolutely NO other color on the shoes), ALL black socks which are at least calf length.  If your student does not have all black shoes, they may rent a pair of all black band shoes for $10 (don’t wait until the last minute to rent shoes).

Concert Band Uniform:  Besides the all black shoes & socks, they should wear their black tuxedo pants, white tuxedo shirt (make sure it is ironed), blue cummerbund, blue bow tie, 2 cuff links and 3 studs for their shirt.

Symphonic Band & Orchestra Uniform: For boys (& for those girls who choose) –  Besides the all black shoes & socks, they should wear their black tuxedo pants, white tuxedo shirt, blue cummerbund, blue bow tie, 2 cuff links, 3 studs for shirt, and their black tuxedo jacket.  For girls – they wear their long black dress.

We have already begun issuing uniforms for freshmen, new Orchestra & Symphonic Band students.  So if your student hasn’t received their uniform yet, please have them see Dawn for pick-up.

Returning band & orchestra students should make sure their uniform fits them properly.  If there is a fit issue with a piece of their uniform, have your student bring back the piece dry cleaned.  We will then issue your student a new piece.  If you do not have the time to get your old uniform dry cleaned bring it in with a check to cover the cost of the dry cleaning.  $20 for the whole uniform, $5 for the pants, $3 for the shirt and $10 for the tuxedo jacket.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!

Maestro has informed the students that if they do not arrive in full concert attire and ready to go (which includes instrument & music), they will lose 50% of their grade.

There are sign-up sheets in the band/orchestra room for your student to volunteer.  As the host of this event, it is important that we all pitch in to make this a successful festival.  So, please encourage your student to sign up for one of the various jobs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 707-824-2337.