All Bands & Orchestra – Uniforms

Hello Bands & Orchestra Families,

Uniforms are ready for pick-up!  If you have a new student or a student that is new to Honor Band and/or Orchestra, have your student stop by the band/orchestra office on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s after school to pick up their uniform.  Please do this NOW so that we can make any adjustments.

Returning students, you need to try on your uniform to make sure it fits.  Please do this right away!  If any piece of your old uniform does not fit and you need to exchange it for a new piece, you will need to bring it in on the following days for exchange.  REMEMBER!  The old uniform piece must be dry cleaned before you can exchange for a new uniform piece.

Exchange dates:

Concert Band Students:  September 27th, September 29th or October 6th

Symphonic Band & Orchestra Students:  September 28th, October 3rd or October 5th

Exchanges will be made during class time.

Fall Festival is Friday & Saturday, October 27th & 28th, all students must be ready to wear their concert attire by those dates.  So please do not wait to take care of your uniforms.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dawn at 707*824*2337.

Thank You!!