All Bands & Orchestra – Giants Game Information

Hello Bands & Orchestra Families,

The Giant’s game is right around the corner, Tuesday, September 19th.  There are still tickets available, $25.  Please refer to previous emails for details.  Just go to and click on coordinator’s blog to view the Giants game emails.

FYI…There is a new re-entry policy The Giants want to passed on to those attending the game.  This will not affect our students as once we go in they are NOT allowed to leave until we leave at the end of the 9th inning (unless with a parent or guardian).

“Please be aware of a change to our re-entry policy. In an effort to further ensure fan safety at AT&T Park, ballpark re-entry will not be allowed once the game begins. If you need to exit and re-enter AT&T Park for reasons such as accessing your car, smoking, meeting others or personal needs, you must exit and re-enter before first pitch.”

Finally, Tuesday is $1 hot dog game!!  The promotion is for Giant Dogs ONLY!  They are available at every stand in the ballpark that sells Giant Dogs.  The promotion lasts throughout the game, however, there is no guarantee that they will have inventory later in the game.  So get your $1 Giant Dog early rather than later!

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra room at (707) 824-2337

Thank You!