All Bands & Orchestra – ABW Meeting

Attention families of all Analy band and orchestra students:

Introducing a new format for our monthly Analy Band Wagon meeting.  We are featuring “MAESTRO’S NEWS” at the beginning of our monthly meetings. This is an opportunity to hear directly from Maestro Kelly Stewart the latest information about the band and orchestra program. This includes schedules, events, music selections for the ensembles, important information regarding student activities and more about our Fall Festival.

Please join us at 6pm, Thursday September 14, 2017 in the band/orchestra room. Immediately following “Maestro’s News” we will continue on to the regular ABW meeting and all are welcome to attend.

If you were unable to attend the Parent Night in August, please visit our website to view our latest videos on Escrip and Benefit Mobile App to make your shopping contribute to our program; and don’t forget the online mall for your internet shopping, just click the icon in the upper right corner to visit it.

Please remember your $100 donation to fund the band program’s needs!

See you there!