All Bands & Orchestra – Giants Game Information

The Analy High School Tiger Band is performing the National Anthem at the Giants game on Tuesday, September 19th.  This opportunity is open to all band students and orchestra students.  Orchestra students that are unable to play a non-string instrument can borrow an instrument and “fake” play or carry the banner (on a first come basis).  Students performing at the Giants game are required to ride on the bus to the game.  Parents & friends will need to find transportation.  Giants will be playing the Colorado Rockies.

Tickets:  We have tickets available for purchase through Dawn in the band/orchestra office.  All tickets are $25 (including students).  We accept cash or check (made payable to Analy Band).  Your student can purchase tickets before and after class, at brunch, during lunch and after school on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Tickets will also be available for purchase at Analy Open House on Thursday, August 31st.   We know that parents can purchase tickets elsewhere but we are encouraging you to purchase tickets through the band/orchestra program.  The wish is to have a strong Analy HS presence in the stands.  Tickets are in the upper level right behind home plate.

Permission Slips:  Please complete a permission slip and return it to Dawn by Thursday, September 14th.  Your student can pick up a hard copy permission slip from Dawn’s office or CLICK HERE to download a copy.  If you are not planning to have your student ride the bus home, please email Dawn at or send a note to her office.  Before leaving the game, the student AND the parent must check out with both Maestro and Dawn.

Practice:  There will be one after school mandatory practice with all students performing at the Giants game.  Practice will be on Monday, September 18th at 3:00 pm.  It will be no longer than an hour.  We will meet in the band/orchestra room.  If your student is participating in an after school sport, please let Maestro know about their situation.  This practice is necessary to make sure we put on our best performance at the Giants game.

What to Wear:    Student’s will be wearing a light heather grey sweatshirt.  We have a light heather grey Analy Music sweatshirt available for purchase in the band/orchestra office for $30 (make check payable to Analy Band).  The sweatshirt does not have to be an Analy Music sweatshirt.  However, it MUST be light heather grey and not include any color writing and it must be a pull-over (no zip-ups).  We will also be wearing BLUE jeans, they cannot be any other color and no leggings or sweats.  Shoes must be closed toed shoes, which is a requirement of the Giants organization (please no neon color shoes, no flip flops or sandals).  Any student not wearing the proper clothing will not be allowed to perform on the field.  If you have any questions or concerns about what to wear, please contact Dawn.

Day of the Game:  Please pack plenty of food and water for your student and money to purchase any food/drink/souvenir at the game.  They will not have an opportunity to get food at the ballpark until 7:30ish, so make sure that they have plenty of food for lunch and an afternoon snack.  It is at the discretion of the bus driver whether they will allow snacks on the bus.  If it is allowed we must make sure that we dispose of any trash.   No backpacks larger than 16x16x8 are allowed in the ballpark.  A good option is those drawstring bags.   The bus will be locked until we return to the bus after the game.  So parents keep this in mind if your student is not returning on the bus.  Also, if they are not returning on the bus, please make sure your student has a friend to take his/her instrument off the bus and place it in their cubby.

Students will be excused from their 6th period class to practice going on and off the field.  See the following timeline.

Timeline for the Day of the Giants Game (September 19th)

1:55 Students will be release from their 6th period class.  They will come to the band/orchestra room to collect their instrument.  Then they will move to the cafeteria, then they will move to the softball field for rehearsal.

3:15 Rehearsal wraps up, students should put their instruments away.  They should collect their belongings, change into their light heather grey sweatshirts, blue jeans and closed toed shoes.  They should use the restroom before loading onto the bus.  Chaperones should arrive at this time.  Your student should NOT leave campus between rehearsal and loading the bus.  We will leave them.

3:45 Load Buses – Be sure that your student brings something to eat.  They will not have an opportunity to get food at the ballpark until 7:30ish.  Make sure your student brings money for food, drinks and any souvenirs.  Backpacks no larger than 16x16x8 are allowed in the ballpark. Drawstring Bags are a good option.

5:30-6:00 Arrival to the Giants parking lot, students will collect their instruments and walk to the sidewalk (Covey Cove).  They will be able to go to the restroom (hopefully they will be open) and hang out if time permits.

6:30 Assemble into “block” formation

6:45 Walk to the field entrance

7:00 – 7:12  Sometime during this time period we will be performing the National Anthem!  Parents who are not going to join us at the ballpark can listen to the performance on the radio, KNBR 680.  Students will exit the field, walk back to the buses to put their instruments away.  They can grab anything they want to take into the ballpark such as blankets.  Giant’s tickets for the students will be distributed at this time and they can now walk back to the ballpark and watch the game.  Please remind your student that they need to be with a “buddy” at ALL TIMES.  They may not go get food or go to the restroom without a buddy!  If your student does not have a buddy to go with them they can ask Dawn to be their buddy.

7:15 It’s GAME TIME!  Your SF Giants vs the Colorado Rockies!

Departure: We will leave the game at the end of the 9th inning even if the game is tied.  We will return to the bus.  If you want your student to go home with you, both a parent AND student must check out with Maestro and Dawn before you leave.  We will remind your student to call/text you when we are in Petaluma so you can meet them at AHS when we arrive.  We will arrive home around 11:45ish.

Things to bring: Extra food and water to school. There will NOT be time to run to Safeway for food before the buses leave.  Dress warm and bring layers.  Money for food, drink and souvenirs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dawn at 824-2337.