Great America Trip Info

Great America Families, Just for clarification…There will be NO swimming, sliding, bouncing or floating at Boomerang Bay Water Park inside Great America.  If any student is seen at Boomerang Bay they will be spending the rest of their visit with a chaperone. Thank You!

Great America Trip Info

Hello Great America Families, The Great America trip is this Saturday, May 30th.  We will be leaving AHS at 7:30am so everyone needs to arrive in the band/orchestra room by 7am.  The bus is full so please try to keep your carryon items to a minimum.  Your student will not have access to the bus […]

All Bands & Orchestra – Graduation

Hello Everyone, Graduation is Thursday, June 4th!  Students need to be in the cafeteria by 4:15pm ready to play.  So they should arrive a little after 4pm in the band/orchestra room to get their instrument and music.  There will be a check-in list in the cafeteria.  Seniors also need to arrive by 4:15pm to assemble […]

Families of Seniors Only!

Hi Senior Families, REMINDER If your senior wishes to play a band/orchestra instrument at graduation, they need to have their completed contract in by tomorrow, Thursday, May 21st.  There will be no exceptions to this deadline.  You can CLICK HERE to get a copy of the contract or your senior can get a copy from […]

Jazz Band – Class is Moving on Tuesday

Hello Jazz Band Families, REMINDER!  On Tuesday, May 19th the SR Jammers are giving the Jazz Band a clinic at 2:30pm.  Therefore, Jazz Band class is moving from the morning to the afternoon.  There will be NO 6:45am class on Tuesday, May 19th. If you have any questions, please give Dawn a call at 824-2337. […]

Families of Seniors Only!

Hello Senior Families, As many of you already know, the administration was wanting to take out the senior band/orchestra & senior choir students from the graduation ceremony this year.  They cited the disruption to the flow of the ceremony as the main reason for their initial decision.  Students having to climb over one another to […]

Jazz Band Families – “Raisin’ for Ricky”

Hello Jazz Band Families, The Jazz Band will be performing on Thursday, May 21st for the “Raisin for Ricky” benefit.  They will be performing in the quad here at AHS.  Jazz Band students need to arrive in the band/orchestra room by 4:45pm.  They will perform from 5:30 – 6:00pm and again from 6:30 – 7:00pm.  […]

Bands & Orchestra – SR Youth Orchestra Concert

Also perfoming in the Santa Rosa Youth Orchestra’s Bon Voyage concert on June 6th is our Nicolas Casey on violin and Nicholas Hidy on French Horn.  So come out and enjoy some wonderful music!

Bands & Orchestra – SR Youth Orchestra Concert

Support our area’s youth orchestra – the Santa Rosa Youth Orchestra. Fifty local musicians have prepared this concert for Chinese audiences in Beijing, Shanghei and Hangzhou.  Come see them perform their Bon Voyage concert at the Weill Auditorium at The Green Music Center.  Colin and William McAfee will be playing bassoon and clarinet.  Shania Harsono will […]

Jazz Band Families

Hello Jazz Band Families, All Jazz Band students need to in the band/orchestra room tomorrow, May 13th by 6:45 am ready to play.  They will be having a jazz clinic with Mr. Pulley from Hillcrest MS. Also the Santa Rosa Jammers will be giving our Jazz Band students a clinic next Tuesday, May 19th at […]