All Bands & Orchestra – July 3rd Fireworks

Hi Everyone!

We still need lots of volunteers for the July 3rd Kiwana’s Fireworks at Analy High School to sell raffle tickets.  Anyone can volunteer, alumni, friends and/or family.  All volunteers get to watch the fireworks display for free.  Please keep in mind that this is also a fundraiser for Analy Bands & Orchestra  So grab a friend to work with and have some fun!  Contact Cheryl Wills at 849-7407 or if you wish to volunteer.

Seniors ONLY- graduation

Hello Senior Families,

As many of you already know, seniors perform the National Anthem at graduation. All seniors from band/orchestra will be seated together typically in the back row.  This is to eliminate the need to climb over other students in order to perform.  Their instrument will be placed on a chair in front of the band/orchestra so they may go right over to the band/orchestra, play the National Anthem and then return to their seats.

If your senior is using one of the band/orchestra’s instrument there is a few things they need to do in order to play.  First, they will have to have the contract (click here for a copy) completed with all signatures by Monday, May 29th.  Failure to do so will mean they CANNOT perform during the graduation ceremony.  There will be NO exceptions to this deadline.  Please keep in mind that they will still be seated in the band/orchestra section regardless of returning the signed contract.  Secondly, they will need to be here by 4:15pm to assemble their instrument and give it to the person they designated to carry (underclassman) it to the field, this also applies to those seniors using their own instrument.  Since seniors are required to be at the gym to line up for graduation at 4
there is ample time to complete this task.   Again, failure to do so means they will not be able to perform the National Anthem during graduation.  Finally, the band/orchestra instrument must be returned to the band/orchestra room within 30 minutes of the hat toss.  Dawn will have a special table set up specifically for seniors to make sure this goes quickly.  Failure to return the band/orchestra instrument in its entirety (all parts of the instrument and case) that night will result in their diploma being withheld.

These changes have been implemented to the graduation process to ensure that seniors will be able to continue the tradition of playing the National Anthem during the graduation ceremony for many years to come.  If you have any questions or concerns, please give Dawn a call at 824-2337.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – Graduation

Hello Everyone,

Graduation is Friday, June 2nd!  Students need to be in the cafeteria by 4:15pm ready to play.  So they should arrive a little after 4pm in the band/orchestra room to get their instrument and music.  There will be a check-in list in the cafeteria.  Seniors also need to arrive by 4:15pm to assemble their instrument, this applies to seniors using band/orchestra instruments AND those who are using their personal instruments.   Seniors will hand off their instrument to their “designated instrument carrier” and then head to the gym to line up for graduation.

Students should dress in black bottoms (black jeans acceptable, no yoga pants).  Skirts need to knee length or longer.  They also need to wear a white shirt (not sleeveless).  All black shoes (they do not have to be closed toed).  Please have your student bring a jacket in case the weather cools down.  Finally, make sure your student has something to eat prior to arriving as they will not have an opportunity to eat until after graduation, approximately 7:30pm.

Seniors who are playing their own instrument for graduation, please check-in any band/orchestra instruments prior to the end of the school year.  Those seniors playing in graduation and using a band/orchestra instrument will have 30 minutes from the “hat toss” to return their instrument.  Failure to do so will result in their diploma being withheld.

All students need to check-in their band/orchestra instrument right after graduation.  If your student would like to check out their band/orchestra instrument for the summer, there will be a specific table to do so.  Please DO NOT leave any personal instruments in the band/orchestra room over the summer.

Parent volunteers are needed to help check-in/out band/orchestra instruments after graduation.   If any underclassmen parents would like to help out the night of graduation, please contact Dawn at 824-2337.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – Seamstress Needed

Hello Band & Orchestra Families,

We are looking for a new seamstress to help out with uniforms.  Karen Newell is a parent of a senior, so she will not be returning next school year.  We would like to begin the process of turning this position over to someone or a couple of new people.  The position requires the ability to hem both pants and dresses and make other minor repairs.  The busiest time is the beginning of the school year as we prepare to issue new uniforms.  There might be an occasional need throughout the rest of the school year.  A sewing machine is provided.  So, if you are interested in helping out with our sewing needs, please contact Dawn in the Band/Orchestra office at 824-2337.

Thank You

Jazz Band Families – Open House & Empty Bowls

Hello Jazz Band Families,

Just a reminder that the Jazz Band will be performing for Open House and Empty Bowls this Thursday, May 18th.  Call time is 5:00pm.  Jazz Band will be performing in the quad from 5:30 – 7:00pm.  They should be all done around 7:30ish.  If you have any questions, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office.

Thank you!

All Bands & Orchestra – Spring Concert Volunteers

Hi Everyone!

The Spring Concert is this Friday, May 12th @ 6:30pm in the Analy Auditorium.  We are still in need of LOTS of volunteers!  Since this is the last concert for our seniors, we are asking that underclassmen parents help by volunteering.  We still are in need of of a couple of door monitors, snack table sales, merchandise sales and clean up.  If you can volunteer, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office asap!  You can reach her at 707-824-2337.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – Spring Concert Information

Hello Everyone,

Our Spring Concert is a week away, Friday, May 12th @ 6:30pm!

Tickets:  $7 Adults, $5 Students and Senior Citizens, Children under 5 are free.  Proceeds benefit the Analy Band & Orchestra program.

Snacks:  Families with the last name beginning with N – Z are asked to donate two dozen goodies for the snack table.

Volunteers: We need volunteers to help out with ticket sales, raffle sales, snack tables, door monitors (upstairs and downstairs) and clean up.  Senior parents will want to savor their student’s last high school concert, so underclassmen parents if you are able to help out, that would be great.  To volunteer, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 824-2337.

Each ensemble has selected a “themed” attire for the concert, so NO uniforms will be worn that night.  Below is a list of the themes chosen by the students, please assist in putting together an appropriate outfit.

Intermediate Band – Greasers

Advanced Band – Fantasy (something not of this world)

Honor Band – Botanical (look like a plant)

Orchestra – PJ’s (make sure they are dress code appropriate)

Arrival Times:  Intermediate Band, Advanced Band and Orchestra are to arrive by 5:45pm. Honor Band is to arrive by 6:20pm and go right into the auditorium to find their seats.

Reminder:  ALL students are required to stay for the whole concert.  It is especially important this year as the Intermediate Band, Advanced Band & Honor Band will be performing a piece together.

We will be honoring our seniors and presenting awards at this concert.

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 824-2337.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – Six Flags Trip

​Hello Everyone,

Monday, May 8th is the deadline for the end-of-the-year trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  So if your student is interested in going, please bring in $47 which includes transportation & entrance fees (make cbhecks payable to Analy Band), and your permission slip.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the permission slip.

We need chaperones for the trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on Saturday, May 20th.  So if you would like to join us and ride some rides, see some animal shows, and play some games, please call Dawn ASAP.  There is no cost for the chaperone.

For more information, call Dawn at 824-2337.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – Seniors & Non-returning Students

Hello Senior Parents & Parents of Non-Returning Students,

Seniors & non-returning students, need to return their uniforms by Monday, May 8th! Failure to do so will result in holding graduation tickets and/or diploma for seniors.  For non-returning students, failure to return your uniform will result in holding your 2017-18 schedule at registration time.

Please have your student turn in ALL the pieces of their uniform directly to Dawn, who has a checklist.  You do not have to have the uniform dry cleaned.  Just have your student turn in their uniform with a check for $20 made payable to Analy Band.  You may choose to dry clean the uniform yourself, in that case return it in the dry cleaning bag with the receipt.  If there are missing uniform pieces, you will need to pay to have that piece replaced.  Below is list of uniform items that need to be returned and the replacement cost.

Black tuxedo pants – $30

White tuxedo shirt – $15

Black tuxedo jacket (if your senior is in Honor Band and/or Orchestra) – $65

Black dress (If your senior is in Honor Band and/or Orchestra) – $80

Blue cummerbund – $10

Blue vest – $30

Blue bow tie – $3.50

3 shirt studs – 50¢ each

2 cuff links – $1 each

Garment Bag – $4

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – ABW Meeting

Hello Everyone,

The monthly ABW meeting will be this Thursday, May 4th at 6pm in the band/orchestra room (one week earlier due to the spring concert next week).

This is the last ABW meeting of the 2016-17 school year! This a good time to tell us what you (the parent base) thinks about how we are doing and what you’d like to see for next year. It’s also a good opportunity to get filled on what is happening next year in the program from Maestro Kelly, there are lots of plans in the works!

We are open to all and really want to hear from you. Please come and share your thoughts, ideas and support for our student musicians.

Analy Band Wagon