Symphonic & Concert Bands – Apple Blossom Parade Info

Hello All Band Families,

The combined bands (Symphonic and Concert) march in the Apple Blossom Parade on Saturday, April 21, 2018.  We are the home band, so participation is mandatory.  ALL BAND STUDENTS (this does NOT include Orchestra) should arrive at AHS by 7:30 AM so they can be on the track with their instrument, in proper uniform including hat (will be handed out that morning), ready to march by 7:45 AM.

MANDATORY REHEARSAL – There is a mandatory tutorial rehearsal for ALL band members on Thursday, April 19th.  This is in preparation for the Apple Blossom on the 21st of April.  The students are required to come for the entire tutorial time (7:35 – 8:10am).  Please make sure your student clears their schedule for the mandatorial.

UNIFORMS – Please make sure that the tuxedo shirts and vests are pressed and ready to go.  Ladies, please keep in mind that the white tuxedo shirts are very transparent so please wear neutral colored undergarments.

VEST – Be sure your student’s vest fits properly.  When the vest is worn there should not be any of the white tuxedo shirt showing between the trouser pant (pants should be at the hip) and the vest when holding their instrument in a marching position.  If it does, this means the vest is too short.  Please have your student come into the band/orchestra office with their old vest (cleaned & pressed) as soon as possible so that Dawn can issue a new vest.  Do not wait until the morning of the parade.

SHOES & SOCKS – Students must wear ALL black closed-toe shoes and All black socks for the parade.  Please do not have any other colors (ex. logos) on the shoes or socks.  If you do not yet have all black closed-toed shoes, there are marching shoes that you can rent for $10 from the band/orchestra office.  Also, the socks should be at least calf length, please no ‘anklets’.

BOW TIES – Many students have been arriving to events without their bow ties.  We do not have a lot of extra bow ties in our inventory this time of year.  So please have your student locate all their uniform pieces prior to Saturday, April 21st.  Please note, they DO NOT wear their cummerbund.

SUNGLASSES – Students are required to bring and wear sunglasses.  If your student wear regular glasses, they don’t need to wear sunglasses.

STUDENT NEEDS – Even though we march in the morning, it can get very warm.  Please make sure your student has plenty of water.  By the time we finish the parade route and return to the band/orchestra room it will be approximately noon, so your student will want to have breakfast before arriving at AHS.  Finally, students should wear sunscreen as they will be facing the sun while practicing and while they are marching in the parade. There is sunscreen available in band/orchestra office.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – We need the following volunteers…3 parents to follow the band to help retrieve hats when students are done marching, 3 parents to help hand out hats in the band/orchestra room prior to the students going out to practice on the track (arrival time 7:25am), and 2 pick-up trucks at the end of the parade route to collect sousaphones, percussion equipment and hats bins.  Please contact Dawn if you can help out on the day of the parade.

If you have any questions regarding the Apple Blossom Parade, please give Dawn a call at 707-824-2337.

Thank You!

Symphonic Band & Orchestra – CMEA Information

Hello Symphonic Band & Orchestra Families,

The CMEA Festival is approaching fast!  It is this FridayMarch 16th at Sonoma Valley High School.  An email with the full timeline can be found at, just click on coordinator’s blog.  Permission slips are due Wednesday, March 14th.  All Honor Band & Orchestra students need to complete and turn in their permission slips by Wednesday,  CLICK HERE to download a copy of the permission slip form.  There are hard copies available in the band/orchestra office, see Dawn.  If your student is not riding the bus, please submit a note prior to Friday.  If your student is not returning on the bus, please submit a note and check-in with Dawn and/or Maestro prior to leaving CMEA.

Please have your student check their uniform to make sure there are not any issues.  If your student finds an issue with their uniform, such as a fit problem, contact Dawn ASAP.   Remember ALL black socks and ALL black closed-toed shoes.

We still need chaperones for this event.   If you are interested in chaperoning for CMEA, please contact Dawn at 707-824-2337.

Parents are welcome to come and watch your student perform.  CMEA is free and open to the public.

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn.


All Bands & Orchestra – ABW

Dear Analy Band and Orchestra Families and Supporters,

A heart felt thanks go out to all you who attended and/or purchased tickets for the Pasta and Music Night on February 24. The fundraiser was successful thanks to all of you and your support for the Instrumental music program at Analy High School.  Its great to see that so many value the unique skills and education that music can bring, and the students feel assured that their hard work is appreciated.
Thanks so much!

Also our monthly Analy Band Wagon meeting is Thursday, March 8th at 6:00pm in the band/orchestra room. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in the group! It’s a great time to hear what is planned this spring from Maestro and to keep up to date with the program.

We are seeking new members as 4 of our members have graduating seniors and need to pass the baton to others.  Most importantly, we are seeking an incoming Treasurer and we would like to familiarize them with our data, book keeping, etc. If you have those skills, please attend the meeting or send an email Dawn, or call 824-2337.

Thank you,
Analy Band Wagon

Symphonic Band & Orchestra

Hello Symphonic Band & Orchestra Families,

We finally received our time slots for this year’s CMEA Festival on Friday, March 16th!  For those of you unfamiliar with the CMEA Festival:  CMEA is an acronym for California Music Education Association.  CMEA has festivals throughout California, our section is the North Bay.  The festival is comprised of a half hour performance in front of a three-judge panel.  The judges will critique the ensemble(s), commenting on their strengths along with their weakness.  Following the performance is a sight-reading clinic where our musicians will be given a piece of unseen music to perform in front of a judge/clinician.  This is a rated festival.


This year’s North Bay CMEA Festival is being held at Sonoma Valley High School, Sonoma, CA.  Both Symphonic Band & Orchestra will be performing on Friday, March 16th.  There is a full timeline at the end of this email.


All Symphonic Band & Orchestra students are required to complete and return a medical permission slip by Wednesday, March 14th.  Students may pick up a permission slip from Dawn in the band/orchestra office.  You may also download a copy of the permission slip by CLICKING HERE.


Students are required to wear their concert uniforms to the CMEA festival.  Please have your student check NOW to make sure that they have all the pieces to their uniform.  This includes the following for those students who are wearing pants:  the tuxedo pants, the white tuxedo shirt, the tuxedo jacket, the blue cummerbund & bow tie, 3 shirt studs, 2 cuff links, ALL BLACK closed-toed shoes and ALL BLACK socks!! Please make sure the socks reach the calves.  For those students wearing dresses:  dress, ALL BLACK tights/stockings/socks, ALL BLACK closed-toed shoes.


Students will be transported to the event by a school bus. If your student will not be riding back on the bus for any reason, they need to submit a note to Dawn from the parent/guardian stating they will not be returning to AHS on the bus.  Also, both student and parent will need to check out with Dawn and/or Maestro before leaving.  If you are picking your student up from Sonoma Valley High School, you must be there by the time we are scheduled to return on the bus (10:15pm) otherwise your student will be returning to AHS on the bus.


Please make sure your students have a big meal prior to CMEA.  Students should also bring snacks and water.


We need a couple of chaperones for the bus and to watch over students while Maestro is performing with the other ensemble.  If you can help, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office @ 707-824-2337.


4:00PM Arrive @ AHS
4:30PM Depart for Sonoma Valley High School
6:00PM Arrive @ SVHS – unload bus
6:30PM Symphonic Band Warm up
7:00PM Symphonic Band Performance
7:30PM Symphonic Band Clinic – Sight Reading
8:00PM Symphonic Band Photos
8:20PM Orchestra Warm-up
8:40PM Orchestra Performance
9:20PM Orchestra Clinic- Sight Reading
9:50PM Orchestra Photos
10:00PM Load Bus
10:15PM Depart for AHS
11:15ish Arrive @ AHS

Honor/Jazz Bands & Full Orchestra – Middle School Tour

Hello Honor Band, Jazz Band & Orchestra Families,

As you know the Middle School Tour is right around the corner, Monday, February 26th.  Details of the timeline was sent out in a previous email.  If you missed it, do not worry, go to and click on coordinator’s blog.  You will find all previously sent out emails.

We are still looking for chaperones for this trip.  We are required to have minimum # of chaperones and at this point we have 2.  So if you can volunteer, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office, 707-824-2337,  as soon as possible.

Finally, permission slips are due Friday, February 23rd. Students are required to turn in both the medical permission slip AND the teacher’s permission slip.  It takes a little effort to get all the teacher’s signature, so please encourage your student to take care of this sooner rather than later (do not wait until Monday).  You can download a copy of the permissions slips (see below) or your student can pick-up a hard copy in the band/orchestra office.

If you have any questions or you can volunteer, please contact Dawn at 707-824-2337.

CLICK HERE for Medical Permission Slip

CLICK HERE for Teacher’s Permission Slip

All Bands & Orchestra – Pasta & Music Night

Hi Everyone!!

Remember the PASTA & MUSIC NIGHT Fundraiser is THIS Saturday, February 24th benefiting the AHS Band & Orchestra Program.  The event will be held at the Masonic Lodge, 373 N. Main Street., Sebastopol (walking distance from Analy HS).

Doors open @ 5:30pm, last serving at 7:00pm though the event will continue until 9:00pm.

The menu includes pasta, meat sauce (meatless sauce is available), salad, bread, dessert and coffee/tea. Occidental Road Cellars will be pouring wine for the event.  Beer provided by Lagunitas Brewing Company.  Also available is a beautiful logo glass that you won’t want to miss out on!

Tickets:  Students should have turned in their ticket envelopes in by today.  If they have not done so, they need to do it before school TOMORROW!!  In their envelope should be $$ from sold tickets or unsold tickets or a combination of both.  Tickets will be available at the door.

Parents!! We still need volunteers! Please, please, if you can help, email Denise Zukowski at ASAP.

Come out and support our talented musicians, eat delicious pasta, bid on silent auction items and just have FUN!

Thank You!

All Bands – Marching Season Tips

Hi Band Families,

As many of you know it is marching season.  Both Concert and Symphonic Bands will be marching at some point during the school week.  So here are a few tips to help your student be more comfortable while marching.

Layer clothing:  Concert Band marches during the morning hours when it tends to be cooler while Symphonic Band marches in the afternoon when it tends to be warmer.  Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

Shoes:  Please wear comfortable shoes for marching, sneakers are recommended.  Students will be required to participate even if they haven’t worn the proper shoes (bare feet are not allowed per school dress code policy).  If your student doesn’t want to wear sneakers during the school day, they can change into sneakers prior to marching.

Sunscreen:  There is sunscreen available in the band/orchestra office, just ask Dawn.  If your student likes a certain sunscreen, remind them to apply it before school and/or apply it prior to marching.

Water:  It is important that all our students stay hydrated.  Students should carry a water bottle especially during marching season.  We do take water breaks during our marching practice, it would be more convenient for your student to have a water bottle and not have to seek out a water fountain.

Music:  Maestro requires both bands to memorize the marching piece (Sir Duke).

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 707-824-2337.

Thank You!

All Bands & Orchestra – Pasta & Music Night

Hello Band & Orchestra Families,

Pasta and Music night is almost here, Saturday, February 24th at the Masonic Lodge, 373 N. Main St., Sebastopol (walking distance from Analy HS)! The doors open @ 5:30pm, last serving is at 7pm, the event goes until 9pm.  You can come anytime but prior to 7pm if you want dinner. The menu includes pasta, meat sauce, salad, bread, dessert and coffee/tea.  Wine and beer available for purchase.  Also available is a beautiful logo glass. You won’t want to miss out on it!

Tickets:   We have only 7 more days to sell tickets!  $12 adults, $6 child (6-12) in advance.  $15 adults, $8 child (6-12) @ the door.  Each student was given an envelope of tickets, please encourage them to sell tickets to family, friends & neighbors (& anyone else they can think of).  $$ or tickets will need to be turned back in by Tuesday, February 20th.

Music will be provided by our own talented band & orchestra students.  There are a two 10-minute slots still open, so if your student is interested in performing have them contact Dawn.  It can be a small combo group, a solo performance or anything in between.  This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents in variety of genres.

Parents!  We need your help!  We need pourers for beer & wine, ice cream servers, ticket sales, and clean up.  Please volunteer, it takes ALL of us to make this a successful event.  Contact Denise Zukowski at to volunteer.

This is our only major fundraiser of the year since the Fall Festival was cancelled due to the North Bay fires; the music at Analy needs to be funded and this is a great way to help! We hope to see you all there!!

All Bands & Orchestra – ABW Meeting

Hello Band & Orchestra Families,

Analy Band Wagon’s monthly meeting is tomorrow, Thursday, February 8th at 6:00pm in the Band/Orchestra room.  Please stop by and hear Maestro’s News and his plans for Spring.  All are welcome!

Thank You!

Full Orchestra – Rehearsal Information

Hello Full Orchestra Families,

In preparation for the Middle School Tour which is on Monday, February 26th, Maestro is requesting that the Strings join the Winds, Brass, and Percussion for Monday evening rehearsals.  So for both February 12th and 19th there will be Full Orchestra rehearsals in the band/orchestra room from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Since there is no school on those days, please help remind your student that they have rehearsal on those evenings.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dawn in the band/orchestra office at 707-824-2337.

Thank You!