ALL BANDS – Apple Blossom Parade

Hello All Band Families,

The combined bands (Symphonic and Concert) march in the Apple Blossom Parade on Saturday, April 13, 2019.  We are the home band, so participation is mandatory.  ALL BAND STUDENTS (this does NOT include Orchestra or Instrumental Music, unless they are carrying the banner) should arrive at AHS by 7:30 AM so they can be on the track with their instrument, in proper uniform including hat (will be handed out that morning), ready to march by 7:45 AM.

MANDATORY REHEARSAL – There is a mandatory tutorial rehearsal for ALL band members on Thursday, April 11th to prepare for the Apple Blossom Parade.  The students are required to come for the entire tutorial time (7:35 – 8:10am).  Please make sure your student clears their schedule for the mandatorial and wears walking shoes.

UNIFORMS – Please make sure that the tuxedo shirts, tuxedo pants, and blue vests are clean, pressed and ready to go.  Please keep in mind that the white tuxedo shirts are very transparent so please wear neutral colored undergarments.

VEST – Be sure your student’s vest fits properly.  When the vest is worn, there should not be any of the white tuxedo shirt showing between the trouser pant (pants should be at the hip) and the vest when holding their instrument in a marching position.  If it does, this means the vest is too short.  Please have your student come into the band/orchestra office with their old vest (cleaned & pressed) as soon as possible so that Janis can issue a new vest.  Do not wait until the morning of the parade.

SHOES & SOCKS – Students must wear ALL black closed-toe shoes and All black socks for the parade.  Please do not have any other colors (ex. logos) on the shoes or socks.  If you do not have all black closed-toed shoes, there are marching shoes that you can rent for $10 from the band/orchestra office.  Also, the socks should be at least calf length, please no ankle socks.

BOW TIES – Many students have been arriving to events without their bow ties.  We do not have a lot of extra bow ties in our inventory this time of year.  So please have your student locate all their uniform pieces prior to Saturday, April 13th.  Please note, they DO NOT wear their cummerbund.

SUNGLASSES – Students are required to bring and wear sunglasses.  If your student wears regular glasses, they don’t need to wear sunglasses.

STUDENT NEEDS – Even though we march in the morning, it can get very warm.  Please make sure your student has plenty of water.  By the time we finish the parade route and return to the band/orchestra room it will be approximately noon. Students will have the opportunity to attend the Althetic Booster’s Pancake Breakfast (more info soon) before the parade, or they should pack a breakfast or eat before arriving.  Finally, students should wear sunscreen as they will be facing the sun while practicing and while they are marching in the parade.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – We need the following volunteers…3 parents to follow the band to help retrieve hats when students are done marching, 3 parents to help hand out hats in the band/orchestra room prior to the students going out to practice on the track (arrival time 7:25am), and 2 pick-up trucks at the end of the parade route to collect sousaphones, percussion equipment and hat bins.  Please contact Janis if you can help on the day of the parade.

If you have any questions regarding the Apple Blossom Parade, please contact Janis at 707-824-2337 or

Thank You!


Hello Band Families and Supporters,

Just a reminder that tonight, Thursday March 14th, is the March Analy Band Wagon Board Meeting. Please join us at 6:30pm in the Band Room. Your input and participation is very valuable to the future of the Analy High School Band & Orchestra Program!

Thank you!

Correction! Alliance Redwoods

My apologies!

The correct number for Alliance Redwoods is 707-874-3507, The main office is Extension 100.

Please use this number if you need to get a hold of your student in an urgent situation this weekend.

Sorry for the confusion.

Alliance Redwoods – Important Information

For all Parents/Guardians of students attending the Alliance Redwoods Overnight –

Today I met with your students regarding the packing list and basic rules of the Alliance Redwoods/Sonoma Canopy Tours trip THIS upcoming Sunday and Monday, March 17th & 18th.

Please drop off your student at Alliance Redwoods in Occidental at 11am on Sunday, March 17th and pick up at Alliance Redwoods at 12:30pm on Monday, March 18th.

Cell phone reception is not reliable at Alliance Redwoods.  The Alliance Redwoods number is 707-824-3507, ext 100.

For the detailed information, packing list, rules and directions, please click HERE.

Questions between now and Friday ~Noon, please contact Janis or (707) 824-2337.

Questions after Friday?  Call or text Janis at (650) 464-1220.

Msg from Maestro re: Jazz Band status

Dear Band families and dedicated supporters,

Thank you to everyone who wrote letters/emails, made posters, attended, and spoke at last week’s WSCUHSD board meeting! The outpouring of support for Analy jazz was heartwarming, and our presence at the board meeting on Wednesday night was something to behold. At least 12 people passionately spoke to remind the members of the Board and our Superintendent why jazz is critical to music education, and a vital part of Analy High School. In attendance were teachers, other music educators, parents and community members, including founding members of the Analy Band Wagon. And our jazz band students were also present in the front row, in uniform complete with instruments!

Each board member respectfully listened to all speakers and showed their support for jazz by sharing stories of their own high school jazz band experiences. We were heard and acknowledged, which was our purpose!

Friday morning, Lisa Mendivil, Matt Kristensen and I met with Principal Raul Guerrero and Vice Principal Shauna Ferdinandson, it was clear they were now in support of keeping the Jazz Band!

Principal Guerrero has requested to address our board and will be attending our upcoming Analy Band Wagon board meeting this coming Thursday, March 14th at 6:30pm in the band room. Please consider attending this special ABW meeting to hear what Mr. Guerrero has planned for the instrumental music program here at Analy. Your attendance at this meeting would be a great support to your students and our band program.

Thank you again for your passionate support of jazz here at Analy!

Maestro Kevin Stewart

Mark your Calendars – Upcoming Events

Sun March 17-Monday March 18th – Alliance Redwoods Overnight

More info coming soon for those who signed up to go!

*Sat April 13 – Apple Blossom Parade (approx. 7:30am – 11am or Noon) – Concert and Symphonic Bands

*Sat April 27 – Symphonic Band & Orchestra CMEA in Benicia, CA – Symphonic Band and Orchestra
Time TBD – still waiting for performance times.  Travel by school bus – this will take a significant portion of the day.

*Fri May 17 – Spring Concert 6:30pm

*Thurs June 6 – Graduation

*required and graded events, please make arrangements for your student to attend.

Reminder – Karaoke Night TOMORROW!

All band, orchestra, and instrumental music students are invited to come and enjoy a karaoke night in the band room.

Friday, March 8th 6-9pm in the Band Room

We will have pizza, ice cream and drinks available.

We need a couple parent volunteers to help at Karaoke night. Janis cannot make it to this event – so we need parents to pick up pizza, set up, scoop ice cream, clean up, etc. Please contact Janis or Maestro asap.

(707) 824-2337 or


Brass Instrument Maintenance

Reminder, the Brass Maintenance Session is today after school. Please try to make this work for your students to attend.

Thursday, March 7th @ 2:30pm in the Band Room

In order to avoid costly repairs and keep your instruments working properly, regular maintenance is needed!

We will probably finish around 3:30pm, maybe until 4pm to clean up.

Thank you to Garrett Mendivil, Luca Maniscalco, and Allie Richmond who will be volunteering their time leading tuba, trombone and trumpet sessions!

Questions? Please contact Maestro or Janis (707) 824-2337 or

A Message from Maestro Stewart

Hello music students, families, and friends,

I am writing you to inform you of some very troubling news: two days ago, I was called in to a meeting with Principal Raul Guerrero and Director of Human Resources Mia Del Prete where they informed me that Analy HS is going to CUT the jazz band for the next school year (2019-2020)! They explained to me that they were cutting jazz band b/c it is a “low enrollment” class, and that the district is not running any classes with less than 30 students. They basically said that instead of teaching a music class of 17-20 students, that they would rather have me teach a biology class of 30 students b/c it would earn the school more money.

I couldn’t believe my ears! This completely caught me off-guard. I told them that I completely disagreed with this move, would strongly advise against it. I first explained to them that the standard class size for all school jazz bands at EVERY school is 17-20 students, and that when a jazz band gets larger than 25, that they are usually broken into two separate bands. This is standard practice at public schools. So obviously most schools MAKE THE CHOICE to support their music programs appropriately by funding this “low enrollment” class b/c they understand the importance and function of a jazz education as part of a comprehensive music education. Furthermore, I explained that a class of 31 students in a jazz band is a disservice to the members of the jazz band b/c it would require “doubling” parts, thereby negating the “one on a part” experience that is key to jazz education.

I then reminded them that the best and most dedicated students are in this band, and we are the face of the program. We are the ensemble that most of the community at large has seen and heard. We are the ambassadors of the school when we play for Rotary, the Masons, and for various community events. We are the obvious entertainment at Back to School Night and Open House, and the highlight of the Middle School Recruitment Tour and at our own concerts. To take away this band is a big slap in the face to hard-working students that give so much to this school, and it would cripple the music program at Analy…A stain on the long-held reputation and fine tradition of the Analy Music Program! Any reputable music program at the high school level includes jazz band. Cutting jazz education automatically drops an A-level music program down to a B-level program. We cannot honestly taut having a fine music program without jazz.

And all this doesn’t even touch on the fact that they are also telling me that I should shoulder the responsibility of another separate prep for a biology class (and lab), a class that I have never actually taught. Not to mention that I’ll still be teaching at Brook Haven as well. So that means that I will be teaching a ludicrous mix of two bands (Concert and Symphonic), Orchestra, biology (and grading biology labs), AND still working at a separate school (Brook Haven School). This is bananas and unreasonable to ask of any teacher. It was also suggested to me that instead of offering a jazz class, that jazz band should become a club. I ask you, who will lead this club? Where and when will the education happen? Am I supposed to volunteer my time for this club? It is a slap in the face to my profession.

**I am asking all of you to show up to the board meeting tonight (Wed at 6pm in the Analy Library) to save Jazz Band at Analy! I am planning to speak during the open session, and am asking 1-2 other jazz parents to also voice their concerns during the open session. I am also asking that jazz band students show up dressed in their jazz band uniforms (all black with blue bowties) and bring their instruments. I am hoping to create a scene to pull on their heartstrings, educate the board (most of whom probably don’t know this is happening), and scare the admin and the board into reconsidering this ill-thought plan. Please also share this terrible news with any former Analy Jazz Band students and their families in case they too would like to show up for Jazz!

**I am also asking for everyone (students and parents) to write a letter of concern to both Principal Raul Guerrero and cc Superintendent Toni Beal and all the Board members (emails listed below). It is ok if these letters aren’t received before the board meeting tonight, but please write them ASAP to try to prevent this disastrous situation from becoming a reality. Flooding their inboxes with your dissatisfied letters works wonders. Since YOU are the shareholders, they will listen to you.

Please come out and support keeping music at Analy! Thank you for reading all this!


Maestro Kevin Stewart


*As said by Todd Hill (jazz band director at Northwest Mississippi Community College): There are several reasons that any instrumental program should have a jazz band. Jazz is the one truly American art form that is recognized and respected throughout the world. A jazz band gives students an opportunity to express themselves by playing individual parts and learning improvisation. Improvisational skills improve basic musicianship through practice and advanced theoretical knowledge. Playing in a jazz band stresses advanced skills in rhythm reading, gives increased range and articulation challenges, and serves as a great public relations tool between the school and the community at large.

Toni Beal, Superintendent
Raul Guerrero, Principal

Board Members
Kellie Noe,
Ted Walker,
Jeanne Fernandes,
Lori Bruhner,
Diane Landry,

Kevin Stewart
he/him/his pronouns
Band/Orchestra Director
Analy High School

Alliance Redwood Trip – Now Due Monday 3/4

Hope everyone is safe and sound!

The Alliance Redwoods commitment package is now due on Monday, March 4th.  Here is a link to the cover sheet.

Even if your student is NOT attending, we need the sheet turned in.  This is a graded assignment.

Don’t forget to include $40 (checks made out to “Analy Band Wagon”) if your student is going to participate in the Sonoma Canopy Tours.

We have to get our commitment in as soon as possible!

If you have any questions over the weekend, you may contact Janis via cell phone (650) 464-1220.