Parking Helpers for Enmanji BBQ this Sunday

We still need a few more parking helpers for the Enmanji BBQ Festival this Sunday, July 14th! Volunteers (student OR parent) are needed between 10am – 2 or 3pm. All ABW helpers receive a voucher for BBQ food. And don’t forget our very own Ren Zoshi is performing with Sonoma County Taiko at the Festival!!

If you can volunteer, please contact Janis ASAP through the Remind App or cell phone if you have it. Or you can email “”, which will be checked before Friday, July 12th.

Thank you to those who have already volunteered!! Please bring a water bottle and wear and hat and sunscreen.

Jazz Band Class is Saved!!

The Analy Band Wagon is ecstatic to announce that the jazz band class at Analy High School is confirmed for the 2019-20 school year! Jazz Band will not become a ‘club’ as has been considered in recent months.

Because of some amazing commitment by the school administration, especially our new principal Ms. Shauna Ferdinandson along with Superintendent Ms. Toni Beal, and the extra efforts of our ABW family, the High School District has made a commitment to keep Jazz a credited course.

This will provide our student musicians with the opportunity to keep Analy music excellent and keep jazz in the curriculum for this coming year.

Analy Band Wagon wants to express its deep appreciation for all the careful listening and deep dedication to our music program shown by every member of the West Sonoma County Union High School District Board and by past and present leaders in our AHS administration. We also acknowledge the outstanding effort of our parents and students in bringing this issue to the leadership with intelligence and caring for our musicians and for the music program.

SUCCESS! Now let’s make 20019-20 the best school year ever!!

If you have questions, please email our new ABW President Mr. Michael Ost at

Again, thank you to everyone involved in this effort to preserve Jazz Band as a class and keep Analy Music the best it can be!

Mr. Jones and Cazadero Music Camp

If you would like to see Mr. Jones in action before the school year starts, he will be conducting the Cazadero music camp young musicians concert band. The concert will take place at 3pm on Saturday June 22nd. Feel free to forward this info to other parties – the concert is open to the public!

Also, Cazadero Music Camp has an immediate opening for a licensed lifeguard, it pays $20 dollars an hour with a 2-hour minimum per day. It would be for 4 days this week. They may also need lifeguards throughout the summer. If you know someone interested, please contact the camp office at (707) 632-5159.

Music Camp

Announcing our new Music Director!

The Analy Band Wagon is excited to announce that Casey Jones has been selected and approved as the new music director for Analy High School and Brookhaven Middle School!  He will be teaching 60% at Analy and 40% at Brookhaven for the 2019-2020 school year.  For those of you who don’t already know Mr. Jones, here is some information about his background:

Casey Jones has been teaching music for six years. He recently taught at San Jose Middle school in Novato, California. His teaching duties included concert band, choir, and jazz band. Prior to that he held a teaching position at Sonoma Valley High School that included Concert Band, Concert Choir, Beginning Instrumental music, ASB Leadership, and extra-curricular strings. As an educator, his teaching experience has included students from as young as kindergarten up to the collegiate level and he has experience playing and teaching a multitude of instruments such as trumpet, saxophone, bassoon, strings, and percussion. Previously Mr. Jones attended Sonoma State University and studied under Dr. Andy Collinsworth acquiring his B.A. in Music Education. Casey grew up in Healdsburg and has also worked at Cazadero Music Camp in Cazadero since 2006.

Casey Jones has played the clarinet for about 20 years and performed in community bands, orchestras, and professional groups alike. He currently plays in a traditional New Orleans jazz group, the King Street Giants. Their sounds have been heard at Strawberry Music Festival, Petaluma Music Festival, San Jose Jazz Fest, Healdsburg Jazz Fest, Sausalito Arts Festival, Lagunitas Beer Circus and Honk Fest West, and have appeared at events and in commercials for the San Francisco Giants. Winners of the North Bay Bohemian’s “Best of” Best Band in Sonoma County award in 2017. The King Street Giants most recent album of instrumental originals titled “Dressed & Ready to Go” came out in February 2017 and they hope to release another original album by the end of 2019. Casey is honored and excited to share music making with the students of Analy High School and Brook Haven Middle School.

You will have an opportunity to meet Mr. Jones during registration (Aug 6&7) and at our Parent Meeting (Aug 22).  Have a great musical summer!

Analy Band Wagon

Board Meeting Tonight – 6/12 6 pm ElMo

Hi band lovers,

A reminder that the school board is meeting tonight at El Molino at 6pm. They need to hear from us that jazz needs to be a *class* and not a *club*! This is our best opportunity to stand up for the music program and make an impression on the school board, the superintendent and the principal.

(And, as a special bonus, they will be voting on the new music director as well. So if you show up you can be the first to know who will lead the group next year!)

Thanks for supporting music at Analy!

Michael Ost, ABW


Graduation Reminders – TONIGHT!

Graduation is today!

All band and orchestra students should arrive at 4pm to have their instruments ready in the cafeteria by 4:15pm.

Seniors will hand off their instruments to the designated instrument carrier.

What to wear: White on top, black on bottom, black shoes.  Please see previous post for details.

Graduation starts at 5:30 and could end around 7pm, although the end time is difficult to predict.  All students with school instruments will need to check in their instrument to the band room after graduation.

Congratulations to all our graduating students!  We wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Friday Night Community Performance – June 7th

Whatcha doin’ Friday night?

Come see India, Fiona, and Bridget

our talented Analy musicians performing at the

Sebastopol Arts, Beats, and Eats downtown celebration

Friday, June 7th 5-7pm in front of Silk Moon

Volunteers needed for Teriyaki Festival – Sun July 14th

We need parking attendants for the Enmanji Temple’s Teriyaki Festival on Sunday, July 14th!

There are still 12 spots left!  Please encourage your students to sign up in the band room – or email Janis Snyder at  We will accommodate everyone’s shift schedule for that day in early July.

All students (or parents/community members) who volunteer will receive a free meal – AND they get to see the fabulous entertainment including our very own Ren Zoshi on taiko drums!!

In exchange for the volunteers, the Enmanji Temple makes a donation to Analy Band Wagon, so please encourage your students to help out!  Thanks!!

From ABW VP Michael Ost – Jazz Band Update

Hi band geeks and families!

Currently Jazz Band, our flagship group, has been reduced to a “club” for next year. There would still be a paid leader of the group – the school is willing to put up a stipend to pay for that. But the group would not be a real class and it would not be for credit. Maestro Stewart raised serious objections to this. Without a grade there would be no accountability, and less motivation for members to attend performances and make the early morning trek to the class, which starts at 6:45am Also, if the group is not an official class it would not be eligible to compete at the CMEA jazz band competition. All the valuable feedback that we get at the CMEAs would be unavailable. And we would not be able to listen to other high school bands to hear what other programs are doing. Lastly, he feels that it sets a bad precedent with the school: if they make it a club this year, then whenever there is a need to cut, they will trot out making jazz a club again.

From the administration’s point of view (as I understand it) there are a couple barriers to jazz as a class. First, is that the new music director has been committed to two sections at Brookhaven Middle School for the 2019-2020 school year. With three band classes at Analy, that’s a full, 100% load. Adding jazz would put that person at 120% which is asking a lot. Second, the enrollment for jazz and the band program overall is down for next year. The administration is having to juggle a lot of priorities based on enrollment. If band is down, then they see it as fair for that to be a place to cut.

On the first point, we have the assurance that the new director would be willing to take on the extra 20% if it were possible. The importance of the jazz program is not lost that person.  On the second point, we are going to actively investigate who wants to be in a jazz class and what barriers there are to that. Janis is going to directly ask band members in class about this so we can figure out what jazz enrollment could be. We would like to see if there is a way to make band a “practical” art to encourage enrollment.

I have met the new principal, Shauna Ferdinandson, and two of the members of the school board, Ted Walker and Diane Landry. They are *very* supportive of the music program overall. They know the “jazz club” is a bad option and they are promising to return it to a class in the 2020-2021 school year. Ms Ferdinandson was very clear in our meeting about how hard the “club” decision was. Diane and Ted attended the spring concert and they had kids in the program. I have no doubt that we have strong support.

However, I’m not sure they fully understand all of what’s lost if the program becomes a club; the things I laid out above. Or what the barriers are to being involved in the jazz class. And it is always helpful to let them know how important the program is to you. So, we are requesting that you reach out to the principal and the board and let them know how you feel. You can either email them (addresses below) or speak up at the next board meeting on June 12 at El Molino, 6:00pm. That’s also the board meeting where the new director will be announced! Double bonus!

This isn’t the time for pitchforks, blame or anger. The administrators are having to make tough unpalatable choices. But your feelings and perspectives, politely expressed, are always welcome by administrators. And the Analy Band Wagon thinks this is a good time to speak up.

Shauna Ferdinandson
Kellie Noe –
Ted Walker –
Jeanne Fernandes –
Lori Bruhner-
Diane Landry –

/Michael “India’s Dad” Ost

Graduation Information

Hello Everyone,

Graduation is Thursday, June 6th!  Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Orchestra and Instrumental Music will be performing.  Students should arrive at 4pm in the band/orchestra room to get their instrument and music.  They need to be in the cafeteria by 4:15pm ready to play. There will be a check-in list in the cafeteria. 

Seniors also need to arrive by 4:15pm to assemble their instrument, this applies to seniors using band/orchestra instruments AND those who are using their personal instruments.   Seniors will hand off their instrument to their “designated instrument carrier” and then head to the gym to line up for graduation. (Senior Contracts are due Monday.)

Students should dress in black bottoms (black jeans and yoga pants are acceptable).  Skirts need to knee length or longer.  They also need to wear a white shirt (not sleeveless) and all black shoes (they do not have to be closed toed).  Please have your student bring a jacket in case the weather cools down.  Students are encouraged to wear sunglasses and sunscreen as we are usually facing the sun.  Finally, make sure your student has something to eat prior to arriving as they will not have an opportunity to eat until after graduation, approximately 7:30pm.

Seniors who are playing their own instrument for graduation, please check-in any band/orchestra instruments prior to the end of the school year.

All students need to check-in their band/orchestra instrument right after graduation.  If your student would like to check out their band/orchestra instrument for the summer, there will be a specific table to do so.  Please DO NOT leave any personal instruments in the band/orchestra room over the summer.

Please contact Janis if you have any questions at or (707) 824-2337.

Thank You!