Msg for Parents & Students from Mr Jones

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

I hope this email finds you healthy, safe and well. I wanted to check in about remote teaching and give a little insight into how we are going to navigate class work. We are going to be working mostly through Google Classroom using the music that was distributed earlier this year. Students can log into each class using a “class code” if they do not have the code, please contact me or Janis.

Students will be expected to submit recordings of their progress and will receive guidelines from myself as to what to practice and some expectations. I will occasionally send feedback so they can improve their technique and practice. If I find that minimal effort was made to record, I may ask students to redo recordings. My overarching goal is to encourage regular practice with the goal of self-improvement. Students will be asked to reflect on their practice and set some practice goals.

That being said we are navigating this remote learning world together
and I plan on navigating slow and steady. I welcome constructive feedback and questions so we can all improve this together. There may be some apps or programs students will be asked to use to explore our best options, please be patient as some of it is new to me too.

Lastly, student health is my number one concern and if anyone needs any help or support as we navigate this digital music playing world, please know I am here to best support your student’s success. Tomorrow from 10am – Noon, I will host a Zoom video conference open to students to check in and say hi and ask questions (like open office hours). This is not required in anyway, but just an informal way to meet in these irregular times. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to email me or Janis, thank you.

Musically yours,

Casey Jones

Spring Break and Google Classroom

Over Spring Break, all students will have a recording assignment for each band or orchestra class via Google Classroom.

In the event of a school shut-down, all assignments will go out on Google Classroom.

Email Mr Jones if you have any questions or if your student needs help getting on to Google Classroom.

CMEA Cancelled

To all Band and Orchestra parents,

Today we were informed that our CMEA Festival (for Full Orchestra and Symphonic Band) on Saturday, March 28th at Piner HS has been cancelled due to concerns about the corona virus.  Mr. Jones will try to schedule a similar adjudicated experience during the school day later in the school year.

Also cancelled: Monday, March 23rd evening Full Orchestra rehearsal

Keeping as planned: Tuesday March 24th Winds & Perc Full Orchestra Tutorial and Thursday March 26th All Full Orchestra Tutorial.

The CMEA Bay Section board had to make this decision based on all the festivals and campuses affected around the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Here is the statement from CMEA Bay Section:

“Dear Bay Area Music Educators,

We are facing uncharted and difficult times as our schools and communities work to figure out how to best deal with the current Covid-19 virus. It has prompted many school districts to restrict travel, cancel tours, and even close schools due to exposure to the virus. As a result of this reality, CMEA Bay Section cannot ensure that festival sites won’t be shut down due to exposure in the future. Regrettably, the Bay Section Executive Board has made the difficult decision to cancel all remaining festivals this season.

This is a proactive measure that we feel is necessary given the health warnings globally and the unpredictable nature of school closures as a result of this pandemic. Many major festivals in our area and state have already canceled their events. The number of schools that have already contacted us regarding cancelations is alarming and required action. This is an unfortunate set of
circumstances for everyone involved, but the health and safety of our colleagues and students take priority in this bizarre situation.

There is no easy solution to this problem, and we understand this is an inconvenience for many programs, especially those that have already experienced cancelations to other anticipated events.”

As far as any issues with AHS and our district, Toni Beal, WSCUHSD Superintendent put out an email to the staff today including the following information:

  • “There have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 that affect any of the students or staff in our 3 schools or the West Sonoma County Special Education Consortium School.
  • Sonoma County Department of Health Services, the lead agency in our county with regard to this virus, assured us at a recent meeting that our schools are considered “low risk” for virus exposure.”

We hope everyone is healthy and safe!

Casey and Janis

Full Orchestra Rehearsals | March 2020

In preparation for the CMEA festival on Saturday, March 28th, Full Orchestra needs to rehearse together. Please help to make arrangements so that your student may attend the following rehearsals:

Tuesday Tutorial | March 10th | 7:35-8:05am: Winds & Percussion Only
Monday Evening | March 23rd | 6-7:30pm: ALL Full Orchestra
Tuesday Tutorial | March 24th | 7:35-8:05am: Winds & Percussion Only
Thursday Tutorial | March 26th | 7:35-8:05am: ALL Full Orchestra

Attendance will be taken.
Questions? Janis:
Can’t attend? Mr Jones:

CMEA | Full Orch + Symph | Sat Mar 28

Hello Symphonic Band & Full Orchestra Families,

We received our time slots for this year’s CMEA Festival on Saturday, March 28th!  For those of you unfamiliar with the CMEA Festival, CMEA is an acronym for California Music Educators Association. CMEA has festivals throughout California, our section is the North Bay. The festival is comprised of a half hour performance in front of a three-judge panel. The judges will critique and provide feedback to the ensembles. Following the performance is a sight-reading clinic where our musicians will be given a piece of unseen music to perform in front of a judge/clinician. This is a rated event.

This year’s North Bay CMEA Festival is being held at Piner High School, 1700 Fulton Rd. Santa Rosa, CA.  All students are required to take the school bus to Piner High School.  Both Symphonic Band & Full Orchestra will be performing on Saturday, March 28th.  There is a full timeline at the end of this email.  Families are encouraged to attend the performance!

All Symphonic Band & Orchestra students are required to complete and return a permission slip by Friday, March 13th.  This earlier date is due to Spring Break.  Students received permission slips this week.  You may also download a copy of the permission slip HERE.

Students are required to wear their concert uniforms to the CMEA festival.  Please have your student check NOW to make sure that they have all the pieces to their uniform.  It’s common for students to grow out of their uniforms.  Please let Janis know by next week if uniforms need to be exchanged to different sizes.

Pants uniform: tuxedo pants, white tuxedo shirt, tuxedo jacket, the blue cummerbund & bow tie, 3 shirt studs, 2 cuff links, ALL BLACK closed-toed dress shoes and ALL BLACK socks!! Please make sure the socks reach the calves.

Dress Uniform: dress, ALL BLACK tights/stockings/long-socks, ALL BLACK closed-toed dress shoes.

All students will ride the school bus to Piner High School. If your student will NOT be returning on the bus for any reason, they need to submit a note/email ASAP to Janis from the parent/guardian stating they will not be returning to AHS on the bus.  Also, both student and parent will need to check out with Janis before leaving.  If you are picking your student up from Piner High School, you must be there by 4:30PM, no exceptions.

Please make sure your students eat prior to arriving at AHS.  Students should bring a water bottle and a snack/lunch (no refrigeration).  Food may not be available for purchase and, Full Orchestra students will have little time to eat, so food from home is highly recommended.

Musical Images will be photographing the ensembles at the CMEA. Photos and frames will be available for purchase.

We need several chaperones for the bus and during the CMEA.  If you have a Mon-Fri work schedule and have not chaperoned so far this year, this is your opportunity to chaperone!  Janis is also looking for a uniform helper for the day.  If you can help, please contact Janis ASAP 707-824-2337 or

11:00am         Call Time: Arrive @ AHS; Uniform Check, Load Buses
Noon              Depart for Piner High School
12:30pm         Arrive @ Piner – unload bus
1:00pm           Full Orchestra Warm Up
1:30pm          Full Orchestra Performance
2:00pm           Full Orchestra Clinic – Sight Reading
2:30pm           Full Orchestra Photos
1-3pm             Symphonic Band watches other performances
3:00pm           Symphonic Band Warm up
3:30pm          Symphonic Band Performance
4:00pm           Symphonic Band Clinic – Sight Reading
4:30pm           Symphonic Band Photos
3-5pm             Full Orchestra watches other performances
5:00pm           Load Bus
5:30pm           Depart for AHS (students will text/call on our way)
6:00pm           Arrive at AHS (Approx. Time)

Please contact Janis if you have any questions: or (707) 824-2337.

Next ABW Meeting – Tues Mar 10

To have time to vote and for a little reprieve after the Pasta Night, the ABW meeting has been rescheduled to next week.

Analy Band Wagon Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 10th
6:30pm in the Band Room

Please join us! Every parent/guardian is a member of the Analy Band Wagon!

We have some retiring board positions that we need to fill and are looking for additional board members to shadow our continuing positions! Help to keep instrumental music excellent at Analy High School!

In April, we will resume at our regular meeting time: the first Tuesday of each month.

And please vote Yes on Measure B! Thank you!

CMEA & Apple Blossom Parade | Mark you calend

Saturday, March 28th – Symphonic Band & Full Orchestra: CMEA (Graded uniform performances). Time Approx 11am – 6:30pm. Need chaperones and two uniform volunteers! More info coming soon!

Saturday, April 18th – Concert Band, Symphonic Band & Drumline: Apple Blossom Parade (Graded uniform performance). Time Approx 7:30am – Noon. Need volunteers! More info coming soon!

Jazz Band | Mon Mar 2 | Special Guest

On Monday, March 2nd we have a special guest, Bobby Rogers, from the Santa Rosa Youth Orchestra, for an extra Jazz Band rehearsal 3-4pm in the Band Room. Attendance is optional but highly encouraged. We hope you can arrange it so that your Jazz Band students can attend. Thank you!

Full Orchestra | Mon Mar 2 | Special Guest

All Full Orchestra students – the next rehearsal for ALL Strings, Winds & Percussion is Monday, March 2nd 6-7:30pm in the Band Room. We will have a special guest conductor, Bobby Rogers.

Students are preparing for CMEA (info coming soon) and it is important that ALL students attend. Attendance will be taken. Please email ASAP if you student is not able to attend.

Full Orchestra needs time outside of class to prepare for festivals and concerts, therefore, we will be scheduling more Tutorials and possibly another Monday night rehearsal during March to prepare for CMEA. We appreciate your assistance in getting your students to these rehearsals.

Safeway Reminders

The Symphonic Band and Concert Band will perform for Sebastopol Safeway’s Re-opening tomorrow (Wed. Feb 26th)!  The Safeway Foundation will present Analy Band Wagon with a generous donation and our band will play Pep Band tunes shortly after 9am.

Band students should be prepared with the following tomorrow:

Lyre – As a reminder, the purchase of lyres (and reeds) is the student’s responsibility.  If your student has lost their lyre since football season, please purchase a lyre from a local music store such as People’s Music or Stanroy Music.

Pep Band Music – Students should remember to bring their pep band music with them.  We will not have time to find music before walking to Safeway.

Black Hoodie – Students should wear their Analy Music, Analy PE hoodie OR Analy Music long sleeve t-shirt.  We only have a limited number and a few sizes left for $30 each ($25 for t-shirts).  The sweatshirts are brand new this year, so we do not have a supply of black sweatshirts to borrow.  As a last resort, students can wear a solid black top or sweatshirt.

Permission Slips – Any student that does not have a permission slip will need to stay on campus and report to the main office.  The link to the permission slips were sent in the previous email HERE.

Symphonic Band students should report to the band room no later than 8am.  We will walk down to Safeway at 8:20am, and expect to return to campus by 10:30am at which time students will return to their 3rd period class.

Questions before 2:30pm today? Email

Questions after 2:30pm today?  Have your student contact Janis or Jones via Remind.